Vedic Knowledge with Michael Mamas

“It will be a huge step forward for humanity when it is finally widely recognized that the full depth and breadth of existence is lively and accessible through the human mind. As this becomes a common experience, humanity will also become aware of the intimate connection between the mechanics of the Veda and its dominant role in every field of life.” – Michael Mamas

Vedic Knowledge – Michael MamasThe word ‘Vedic’ tends to be associated with a particular culture. However, that is not consistent with its true meaning, nor is it how I use the word. Veda is the underlying essence of existence…all existence…life…nature…ALL that is.

It is the source that births and sustains—yet transcends—all cultures. It is the central Sun… the source of all the laws of physics, all the music and rhythms of life.

To know it is to know one’s self, for it is the central core of all beings.

The Paradigm Shift

Did you know that the Hubble telescope has revealed a galaxy that is older than current science says is the age of the universe? Yet, that information is commonly ignored because it does not fit the currently accepted physics paradigm.

Did you know that statistical studies show that the evolution of species occurred far more rapidly than can be accounted for by Darwin’s theory? Yet, that information is commonly ignored because it does not fit the currently accepted biology paradigm.

Did you know that statistically, studies of group meditation have proven it reduces crime rate and incidence of war? Yet, that information is commonly ignored because it does not fit the currently accepted scientific paradigm.

Havans, pujas, dynamics of group meditation, and other Vedic technologies have been, and are being, scientifically shown to be effective. Gradually, the scientific community is accepting this. Soon, through a paradigm shift, science will fully embrace the information. Darwin’s theory and other theories will be more fully understood in that new light.

The Paradigm ShiftThe new paradigm will offer technologies that promise to heal problems in our world that currently seem insurmountable. Those future technologies are, in fact, ancient Vedic technologies that are being revived at Mount Soma today. Unfortunately, in the world today, those technologies have been largely rejected or improperly employed. That is the result of the wide acceptance of the current scientific paradigm. When the current paradigm and Vedic technology are understood to harmoniously merge, a great new era will be born. The evidence is there now. However, it does take a little time.

Rationality and spirituality will be shown to be two sides of the same coin. Each will compliment, clarify, and stabilize the other. Currently, superstition and distortion have crept in to Vedic knowledge, just as Adi Shankara predicted. At Mount Soma, the knowledge is being purified. The potential is enormous.