What is the Veda?

“Veda is the eternal underlying structure of all existence.
Not just the song of life, but also the science.”

– Dr. Michael Mamas


What is the Veda?The Veda, the source of all existence, is born out of one, and only one, thing. It lies beyond relativity, beyond the realm of things, and it therefore is sometimes referred to as “no-thingness.” Some call it “pure Is-ness” or “pure Consciousness.” Others call it “the Unified Field” of physics. Others call it “God.” All things, including the Veda, are born out of the self-interacting dynamic of that Oneness… Pure Consciousness interacting with and becoming aware of itself, over and over again. It has been compared to the emptiness in the center of the seed (no-thingness) that births the seed (the Veda), that births the entire tree (existence). All Knowledge of the tree of existence is contained within that Oneness, that Is-ness, that Unified Field.

The self-interacting dynamic of pure Consciousness, the Veda, is eternally pulsating at the depth of existence. In ancient times, when the atmosphere was pure, Rishis refined their physiology to the extent that they could tap into this deep level of life. Those Rishis were capable of allowing the pulsations of Veda to well up through their physiology all the way to the physical level. This cognition process began from deep within the Rishis and went out through their vocal cords into the air as sound. That sound then entered from outside the listener and went into the depth of the listener’s being.

Schools were created to train pandits, people who memorize what was chanted by those Rishis. The pandits passed down these chants orally from generation to generation, preserving the cognitions of the Rishis for people to hear throughout the ages. When pandits chant the Veda, the vibrations reawaken deeper levels within the listener, enlivening the listener’s innate source of wholeness and fulfillment. Therefore, when pujas and havans are performed with precise adherence to Vedic tradition, they become a powerful tool to facilitate the health and evolution of the listener.

It takes much more awareness, effort, and discipline to sustain a strictly Vedic Shiva temple. It is not the easy path, but follows in the footsteps of Adi Shankara, an incarnation of Shiva. He purified Vedic knowledge by teaching discernment and instituted the worship of deities as worshiping different forms of the one God.

Pure Vedic temples like Sri Somesvara Temple are designed to help each person fully awaken to God.

In this video, Dr. Michael Mamas provides an “Introduction to the Veda” as the first video in his Vedic Concepts video series.