Rig Veda is the fundamental core structure underlying all existence. All knowledge of Rig Veda is contained in the very first syllable, the “A” (pronounced ah) of Agnim.

Everything maps onto everything else. Even the structure of the physiology of speech correlates to the structure of the Veda. The first syllable “A” (pronounced ah) is a fully open throat, unbounded without edges.

Similarly, the totality of knowledge of Rig Veda is contained in unboundedness, no-thing-ness no edges, the “A” (pronounced ah) of Agnim. Consciousness before any ‘thingness’ is born.

The next syllable is “G” (pronounced guh). Fully closed throat. Complete stop. The negation of “A (pronounced ah).”

Consciousness becomes conscious of itself and perceives itself as other. Thingness is born, duality. Consciousness, and Consciousness aware of itself as other. The sequential unfolding of Rig Veda correlates to the sequential manifestation of existence as well as the sequential unfolding of a pure language. A pure language is a language in harmony with nature.