Rishi, Devata, Chhandas

flowerWhat is commonly referred to as the field of duality is more accurately called the field of the Trinity. As the ancient Rishis and many modern physicists say, Consciousness is the one thing out of which all existence is born. Consciousness (Rishi) becoming conscious of itself, perceives itself as other (Chhandas), and duality is born. Let’s take a closer look at that process.

Inherent in that dynamic is a third thing (Devata). The Devata value is the actual process/mechanic of Knowing. Contained within every syllable, sloka, and verse of the Veda is a wholeness value, containing the full knowledge of the totality in seed form. The wholeness value of the verses is only there when the Rishi, Devata, and Chhandas are named. This is why the verses of the Veda when chanted must be preceded with the statement of Rishi, Devata, and Chhandas values.

You might wonder why the process of Knowing should not be called the Chhandas value, with the Known being the Devata value. There are three realms to existence: the Transcendental Realm (Rishi or in the Christian, the Father), the Electromagnetic or Psychoenergetic Realm (Devata or Holy Spirit), and Physical Realm (Chhandas or the Son).

Look around the room you are sitting in right now. You are the Rishi value, the Knower. All the physical objects in the room are the Chhandas, that which is Known. Chhandas, meaning rhythm, determines the pulses that structure the physical. Now consider the relationship between the Rishi value (you) and the Chhandas value (the physical world). That is determined by your psyche: your thoughts, your emotions, your belief systems – everything that determines your relationship with the physical world. Allow yourself to experience that Devata value in this very moment. It is all about the personified aspect of your existence. The nature of that personified quality determines the Devata value at work in every moment – the personified value of existence that defines the nature of the moment.

designSo let’s take a look at that moment when duality is born, and Consciousness becomes conscious of itself. In that moment, it is as if the Rishi takes a step back and perceives something else over there as ‘other.’ The experience contained within that step back, that Devata value, births space. There is the experience of space between the Knower and the Known. That is a mechanic by which space is created and a universe is born. Consciousness being conscious becomes aware of those three things, and takes another step back. That process continues as multiplicity is born and the universe is created. Though all of this happens simultaneously, by the very nature of Consciousness, there is also a sequentiality to it as one becomes two, becomes three, and so on. That sequentiality births the notion of time. This is why physicists, in talking about the structure of existence, speak in terms of space-time.

Our universe appears to have three dimensions of space. A theory of modern physics says there are actually ten dimensions of which seven are in a sense rolled up, and therefore not experienced in daily life. These ten dimensions correlate to the ten Mandalas of Rig Veda. This entire process of simultaneity goes on continually at every point in creation.