The Ideal Vedic Community

An ideal society is a beacon light of harmony for the entire planet. Just as a radio transmitter sends its message throughout the world, an ideal society radiates Divinity throughout our planet. It has been said that many saints throughout recorded history have attempted to create such a place, yet they have all failed.

Why? What is the technology behind building an ideal society? Vedic knowledge has many facets. The vast field of vedic temple technology alone requires many highly specialized experts. The architect is one. Secondly, there are the priests who conduct the actual ceremonies. Thirdly are the organizers who fund the building of the structure. The delicacy of their task is often overlooked. Personal and financial biases can easily creep in, undermining the precise technology needed for such an engineering feat. How freely we recognize that the construction of a cell phone depends upon precise wiring and how readily we ignore the need for such precision regarding the technology of Vedic temples.

enlightened city

Enlightened City

The Vaastu Shastras describe how to create an Enlightened City. The formula involves building five Vedic Temples, utilizing Vastu architecture throughout the city, refining people’s understanding of Vedic knowledge, and meticulously utilizing Vedic knowledge so that ancient spiritual wisdom is integrated with modern life.

Fully Vedic temples, like Mount Soma’s Sri Somesvara, have a refined and powerful vibration that feels pure, radiant, and whole, like nectar to the soul. An Enlightened City amplifies this vibration thousands of times.

This incredible technology can be likened to a Unified Field Generator (or Harmony Generator) and has the power to change the world. In the same way that a light bulb provides light to an entire room, an Enlightened City radiates coherence, harmony, and health to the entire planet. Before Thomas Edison, no one imagined that a little bulb could light up an entire room. A harmony generator is similar (though functioning on a much deeper level than a light bulb) in that it radiates peace and harmony to the world.

Also similar to the light bulb, people have a hard time believing it is possible until after it is built. It sounds like a miracle. Well, yes, but so did a camera, antibiotics, a computer, an automobile, an airplane, etc. until someone stepped forward and built one.

The logic is there. It is self-evident. We can build it. The technology is there in the Shastras already. Just as there are design plans for a cell phone, there are design plans for an enlightened city that will radiate a profoundly powerful influence to the entire world. It is not enough to build a few temples, some housing, and an assembly hall. Everything must be designed and located precisely. Similarly, a cell phone is more than a handful of arbitrarily placed electrical components. The science is exact.

Orchestrating an Enlightened City

Creating a core that radiates Divine light to the planet requires an orchestration of temples, proper meditation technique, addressing individual and group dynamics, and more. Careful attention must be paid to many aspects: the laws of the land; social traditions and their interface with Vedic technology; the proper approach to dealing with conflicts, obstacles, and conditioning; and so on. Since an Enlightened City acts as an interface between the Absolute and the relative, everything must be conducted wisely and precisely.

It takes an enlightened Master to develop and orchestrate an Enlightened City. Enlightened individuals have a life’s purpose. For some, it may be to enlighten a small handful of individuals or live a simple life. For others, it is to purify Vedic Knowledge and shift the consciousness of humanity.

Dr. Michael Mamas discusses the creation, and power, of an enlightened city.