Uma Parvathi Devi

Uma Parvathi Devi - Explained by Michael MamasDivine Mother’s grace is boundless and her mercy is unlimited. Her knowledge, infinite; her power, immeasurable; her glory, infallible; and her splendor, indescribable. She gives material prosperity as well as spiritual freedom. Approach her with an open heart. If we make a total, unreserved, and ungrudging self-surrender to her, we can kill our personal enemies, such as egoism, cunningness, selfishness, crookedness, and self-limitation.

Divine Mother, Uma Parvathi, appears as the shakthi or essential power of the Supreme. She has many names: Sathi, Shakthi, Durga, Kaali, Lalitha, Gowri, etc. She is the wife of Lord Shiva and mother of Lord Ganesh and Karthikeya. Divine Mother, Uma Parvathi, is the power of the universe. She is capable of bestowing jnana (knowledge) by removing our ignorance. Seeking the grace of Divine Mother and worshipping her can bring us closer to our true fulfillment.

Parvathi Devi is the daughter of Himavanth (King of the Himalyas), who represents ether, and Menaka Devi (Myna Devi), who represents intellect. A gentle goddess, Parvathi represents the mountain, parvatha, from which earth energy emanates. The mountain is the symbol of ether and the peaks of the mountains can be seen as places where earth energy flows into the ether. Born of ether and intellect, Parvathi is the conscious substance of the universe. Parvathi is also the chief of all the spirits and elves that drift over the earth. As a mother, Uma Parvathi takes care of us like infants. Becoming Durga, she helps us overcome all obstacles. Becoming Kaali, she kills the demons that cause us to suffer.


According to Devi Bhagavatham, an ancient scripture, Divine Mother, Shakthi, is the form of all that is conscious. She is the origin, the instigator of intellect, the perception of reality, and the knowledge. Without her, the gods are flat, inactive, unknown, and nonexistent. Knowledge without action is dead knowledge, and feeling without strength is worthless.

Uma Parvathi is the personification of light, beauty, and divine wisdom. She is the eternal knowledge whose shape is limitless space. Uma is the power of germination and creation.

One who deeply worships Uma Parvathi can no longer be afflicted with fear, sorrow, or pain. This results in long life, health, wealth, and spiritual knowledge. Divine Mother is the fulfillment of the purpose of life. For all worshippers, she can be experienced in the form of an unbounded ocean of pure, motherly love.

Uma Parvathi has two aspects, infinite and relational. Those interested in material gain can worship her relational form, Parvathi. Those interested in spiritual gain, her infinite form, Uma (light of dark). For those who seek pleasure or those who seek liberation, the worship of all-powerful Uma Parvathi is beneficial. She is the Knowledge of the immensity (Brahma-Vidya). She is the Mother of the universe, pervading the whole world.


Mother Divine is the power of manifestation, and in order to manifest, we must have desire. In the same manner, at Mount Soma, we want to integrate the knowledge of Veda with modern life. In order for that to come to fruition and receive the support of Divine Mother, we must have deep desire that is in harmony with Nature along with action in the real world.

The beauty of the underlying structure of creation is most captivating. That enchantment compels Consciousness to move. Such movement is called Shakthi, life, the force of prana, the ability to breathe. Mother Divine is that shakthi, the exquisite beauty, the love, the breath of life. In this way, Mother Divine supports change. Shiva births the structure and Mother Divine is the element that compels Consciousness to move, to flow.

The charm of Mother Nature is so elegant, so exquisite, so supreme. This is the enticement of the relative. It is what keeps us coming back. The enticement goes beyond the reachable, but we keep reaching for it. That’s the Mother Divine value. It’s that captivation that births relativity. Without that captivation, everything just goes back to Oneness. It is that enticement of separation, the attraction to diversity that birthed relativity. It is the spell that it casts upon Consciousness that maintains existence. Beautiful.

Truth dwells within the eternally unknowable.
It lies forever just beyond the horizon.

Set your sights there
and never, never stop moving

You cannot grasp the horizon,
but you can find its grandeur within your heart,
at the depth of your soul.

It is yours to live,
but only if you have the courage and commitment to do so.