Venus (Shukra)

Venus (Shukra)Venus represents love, romance, woman, beauty, the arts, comfort, luxury, prosperity, the pleasures of life, indulgence, sexuality, laziness, cooperation, harmony, and diplomacy.

Shukra is the guru of the asuras, meaning that he brings all who are not functioning in harmony with Nature back onto their dharmic path. He is lord of the earth’s wealth. He is characterized as overflowing with virility, smart, good-looking, and sensuous. He is skillful in every form of learning. Shukra’s vehicle is a horse.

5 Elements: water
3 Gunas: rajas
3 Doshas: kapha
Influence: benefic
Body: attractiveness, sex organs
Relationship: wife, partnership, marriage
Day: Friday
Color: clear/sparkly white
Gemstone: diamond