Jupiter (Brihaspathi)

Jupiter (Brihaspathi)Brihaspathi (Jupiter) is the benefic Guru – expansive, the giver of abundance. If your relationship with Jupiter is unbalanced, it can lead to excess. The difference between abundance and excess is something you need to find within your own heart.

The insatiable sense that you are not safe and there is not enough also falls into the realm of an unbalanced relationship with Brihaspathi.

What does abundance mean? For some, it’s a material word – lots of money and material possessions. Others see more of the spiritual aspect: a life palpably supported by Nature, profound Knowledge, friendships with the spiritually-minded, communion with God.

Fulfillment and contentment in life require a healthy relationship with the meaning of abundance, not as a concept but as a state of being, like the idling of a finely tuned car. A healthy relationship with abundance cultivates a healthy state of physiology and propels one’s spiritual growth.

Jupiter represents Brahman, the benefic Guru, meditation, tapas (abstinence from sensory enjoyment – willfully, consciously), yagya (action in harmony with Nature), devotion to God, Knowledge, holy places, love, wealth, expansion, greed, extravagance, optimism, enlightenment, progress, integrity, charity, and medical studies.

Brihaspathi is the guru of the devas and the god of wisdom and its practice. He is the expression of spiritual devotion. His vehicle is an elephant.

5 Elements: ether
3 Gunas: sattwic
3 Doshas: kapha
Influence: benefic
Body: liver, pancrease, circulation, fat
Relationship: Guru (spiritual master), husband, children
Day: Thursday
Color: yellow
Gemstone: yellow sapphire