What Form of God?

What form of God does one worship?

Karma is the major determining factor for most people regarding what form of God they worship. For example, people born into a Christian family tend to worship a particular representation of God. The other factor is the deepest meaning of Ishta Devata.

“Ishta Devata” means the “chosen or personal form of God” one worships. On the surface, one’s Ishta Devata is usually determined by family or community influence… their Karma.

On the deepest level, however, one’s Ishta Devata is based upon one’s subtle physiology. Though rare, there are those who are born into a family whose ‘family Ishta Devata’ is the same as the individual’s Ishta Devata at the very depth of that person’s being. On that deepest level, one’s physiology resonates with a particular form of God. That form is their true Ishta Devata.

However, rarely do people refine their physiology to that profound level. Yet, upon awakening to that level, their physiology continues to refine until they can ‘tune in’ to other forms of God on that deepest level. In time, it is their choice, from moment to moment, which form of God they resonate with at the deepest level of existence.

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Om Adityaya Namaha

The Sun is God… Think mapping in basic mathematics. That is how the universe works. Pebble tossed in a pond… the Center of your Being… it is all the same One…

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Hanuman’s Birthdays

Lord HanumanEvery coin has two sides. The two sides of our existence are science and psychology… rational and emotional… objective and subjective… right and left brain… etc. For knowledge to be pure, it must include both. Wisdom is the integration of heart and mind. The word "Veda" is not just one or the other. It is both. The legends of the Veda are beautiful from a personal level. But understanding them from the scientific perspective enhances their beauty and enhances our understanding of them. The intellectual understanding is far reaching. Instead of coming up with a rigid perspective, it is wonderful to reflect and ponder… Viewing the mechanics of creation, represented from many angles and many levels… the heart and mind… They sing the song of life together… in harmony. Exploring one enhances our ability to fathom the other. What follows is an example I invite you to ponder:

According to Vedic scriptures, there are three birthdays for Hanuman:

  • One marking his physical birth, which we celebrate in Vishakha Maas.
  • One when he got Gnyana (True Knowledge, or enlightenment), which comes in Kaarthika Maas.
  • One when he met Lord Rama for the first time and he felt he got a new birth, which was Saturday.

In different places, they celebrate Hanuman Jayanthi as they would like.

Last Saturday was also my first live-stream video talk with the Remote Advanced Techniques Course, Phase 1. I didn’t realize it coincided with the celebration of Hanuman meeting Lord Rama, until that morning.

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Miracles and God

Lord GaneshDo you believe in miracles? Do I? I guess that is a matter of what one means by miracles. In this world, everything functions through science. Miracles are mastery over laws of Nature (of science) not yet understood. Wouldn’t it be a bit presumptuous to think we know all the laws of science? In that case, any ‘miracle’ would be considered bogus or superstition.

The laws of Nature can be called “the gods.” The gods can be thought of as various aspects of the one God, what some in the field of modern physics would call “the unified field.”

Doesn’t it make sense that the one thing out of which all persons were born also has a personified aspect? And just as with all of us, the personified aspect is what gives us meaning.

It is all so simple… so obvious really.


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Raja Maathungi

Raja Maathungi

Raja Maathungi
Image source: vedicgoddess.weebly.com

Raja typically means king of a kingdom. But in a more cosmic sense, Raja is the organizing power of the structure of existence. Raja Maathungi is the Goddess who presides over that. Raja Maathungi is similar to Saraswathi, the Goddess of intelligence. Intelligence means structure.

It’s beautiful that pure Consciousness becomes conscious of itself, perceives itself as other, and two things are born. Consciousness becomes, aware of those two things, a third thing and it cascades out in this crystalline structure. One becomes two, three, a fourth, a fifth…. It’s that very structure interacting with itself. It’s lively; it’s not like you build a crystal and it just sits there; it’s dynamic. Consciousness isn’t static; it’s superfluid. So, it’s the liveliness of that structure which is intelligence itself. I think that’s just beautiful.

So Raja Maathungi is that. I guess that’s why royalty wear crowns and gemstones! Raja Maathungi is the crowning gemstone of pure Consciousness, which upholds and is the reference point for the intelligence that permeates and upholds the universe, and is the governing principle of the universe. So, by aligning with Raja Maathungi, we align with the governing principles that uphold all of life. If we align with that, it upholds our lives, in a very beautiful way.

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