Hanuman’s Birthdays

Lord HanumanEvery coin has two sides. The two sides of our existence are science and psychology… rational and emotional… objective and subjective… right and left brain… etc. For knowledge to be pure, it must include both. Wisdom is the integration of heart and mind. The word "Veda" is not just one or the other. It is both. The legends of the Veda are beautiful from a personal level. But understanding them from the scientific perspective enhances their beauty and enhances our understanding of them. The intellectual understanding is far reaching. Instead of coming up with a rigid perspective, it is wonderful to reflect and ponder… Viewing the mechanics of creation, represented from many angles and many levels… the heart and mind… They sing the song of life together… in harmony. Exploring one enhances our ability to fathom the other. What follows is an example I invite you to ponder:

According to Vedic scriptures, there are three birthdays for Hanuman:

  • One marking his physical birth, which we celebrate in Vishakha Maas.
  • One when he got Gnyana (True Knowledge, or enlightenment), which comes in Kaarthika Maas.
  • One when he met Lord Rama for the first time and he felt he got a new birth, which was Saturday.

In different places, they celebrate Hanuman Jayanthi as they would like.

Last Saturday was also my first live-stream video talk with the Remote Advanced Techniques Course, Phase 1. I didn’t realize it coincided with the celebration of Hanuman meeting Lord Rama, until that morning.

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