Finding the Gods Within You

Finding the Gods Within - Michael Mamas

The forms and shapes of the Gods are not arbitrary. They are the geometric correlate to the mathematical structure of the underlying fabric of nature. Those shapes permeate all existence and manifest on all levels in diverse ways. For example, the form of Ganesh is visible in a leaf or a cross-section of the brain.

Looking at the forms of the Gods enlivens the connection of the depth of your being with the surface. The result is integration of the physiology. Integration of the physiology is called evolution.

At the depth of your being, you are one with God. Evolution means more and more fully embodying that. All things gravitate back to oneness. Back to God. The diverse Gods are various aspects of the One God. All are One.

Exploring Inner Relationships

Every aspect of the One, every God, acts as a mirror, reflecting back to you the nature of your relationship with a particular aspect of yourself. Through exploration of those relationships, you are afforded the opportunity to heal the psyche and to grow as an individual… to evolve. This is so for the full range of human possibilities… from the atheist to the sage.

God may remain a silent witness, yet whoever you are, your relationship with God plays out as a dynamic inner testament of your relationship with yourself and your world… not only your dharma, but also your karma.

Everyone strives for stable ground in one form or another, yet everything changes, including your understanding of Self, the world, and the Gods.

Your life, quite simply, is your journey Home. The only constant is the silence witness… the ocean of Being… the True Self… God….

There is one God. Each Deity is the personification of a different aspect of God, as if God puts on a different attire to present another quality of His/Her Divine nature. The Gods are the laws of nature, the mechanisms of existence. You are one with all that is, with the source of all existence, with God. Each aspect, each personification, of God is within you.

Generally, your relationship with the Gods starts with viewing God as if outside of yourself. You revere God as distant… as something beyond you. However, your relationship with God culminates in becoming one with God… in finding the Gods within you. This, of course, is not done through the superficial personality level, but instead within the depth of your being. The different Gods are different aspects of your psyche and of your physiology. It is best to cultivate your relationship with God with the intent of moving in the direction of finding God within you, instead of holding God at a distance.

There will be a time when you actually have a choice of taking that final step of mergence with God, or keeping the very slightest separation so that you can revere God as other. However, that is another subject entirely and one that is not possible to really understand until that time comes.

The picture of a person serves as a portal or gateway to their persona, then the soul, then the absolute. It is a continuum. The picture or image of a God is structured in the finest level of existence… the fabric of existence… eternal. The Gods can be viewed as different aspects of the one God… facets of the one diamond. Each facet is a portal into the entire diamond. They are operators of existence just as addition and subtraction are operators within the field of mathematics.

A Subtle Process

For now, lean in the direction of finding God within you. But know it is a process. It evolves and grows over time, just as it takes time for the seed to become the tree. Patiently sit before each aspect of Divinity and explore your relationship with that God or Goddess. In time, you will merge. You will find that Divinity in you as you… as some aspect of your being, your psyche, your physiology.

This is indeed a subtle process. For example, finding Karthikeya within you will not mean your personality transforms into what you may think a Commander and Chief of the Army of the Gods would be like. How He emerges through you will be unique to you. For example, some will remain soft-spoken and appear passive. Others may be commanding in their demeanor. To find Karthikeya within you will transform you in profound, yet subtle ways.

Such discovery is attained primarily through meditation, yet proper reflection and discernment will facilitate the process… very much so.

Finding the Gods within is a subtle process - Michael Mamas