Saturn (Shani)

Saturn (Shani)Saturn represents deep knowledge, isolation, experience, the guru of austerity, slow, delays, loss, misfortune, calamities, pain, lessons, limitation, doubt, fear, depression, disappointment, shame, mental and physical rigidity, integrity, conservative, agriculture, service, organization, stability, and perseverance.

Shani is the ruler of our destinies. He is the deliverer of karma, giving us the results of our actions through suffering and gains in life. He is the greatest teacher for the conscientious as well as the greatest punisher for those who have strayed from their dharmic path. Shani is characterized as being dark in color, dressed in black, and riding a crow.

5 Elements: air
3 Gunas: tamas
3 Doshas: vata
Influence: malefic
Body: bones, teeth, ears, nerves, thin, aging, disease, chronic illness, death
Relationship: separation
Day: Saturday
Color: black/blue
Gemstone: blue sapphire