Sun (Surya)

Sun (Surya)At sunrise, Surya is delicately palpable as the rays of the sun twinkle and radiate gentle beams upon which Surya’s seven horses run… looking just like the pictures of Him on his chariot coming straight out of the Sun.

Sun represents Self-realization, soul power, a sense of self, status, dignity, authority, leadership, self-development, king, influence, power, creativity, achievement, and courage.

There is a central source to all existence… namely, the Unified Field in physics, the Transcendent, the Absolute Source, etc. All things gravitate back to that one thing, just as all matter in a solar system gravitates back to the central Sun. This principle is seen everywhere: the center of a wheel, the seed that births the tree, etc. The Sun correlates to the Unified Field… one is the other, just expressed on a different level.

Most people think of the Sun as something that emanates and radiates. However, it is actually a convergence point in space time. A convergence point is a point where energy and matter merge. Working on nuclear fusion, the Sun is the natural interface between energy and matter.

Though you cannot feel the Sun… it is too far away… you can feel the Sun’s rays. By so feeling the rays, you come to know the nature of the Sun. The soul is like the rays… emitting from the Absolute. Be it from the bottom of the swimming pool or the top of the highest mountain, you are looking at the same Sun, which maps on to the Absolute. Even an earthworm, with relentless conviction, crawls through the soil, reaching towards the Sun.

5 Elements: fire
3 Gunas: sattwic
3 Doshas: pitta
Influence: malefic
Body: heart, vitality, overall health
Relationship: self, father
Day: Sunday
Color: red
Gemstone: ruby