Brahman is the Totality. It is the big picture of the Absolute and the relative. The structure of Brahman is expressed in the structure of the Veda. It is like one big gemstone (Ratna). Imagine each facet of the gemstone being like a mirror facing inward. Each facet is another dimension of Vedic Knowledge. Every facet is seen in the reflection of every other facet. All Knowledge is contained in everything. At the same time, this example is beautiful, but also falls far short of the grandeur.

When I studied abstract algebra, I created in my head infinite multidimensional spherical representations of abstract algebraic structures, mathematically beautiful and self-interacting in their nature, with limitless patterns contained within the one macro structure. Modern physics tells us that the structure of the universe is also based on abstract algebra, as is the structure of gemstones (Ratna). It is no coincidence that the ninth word of Rig Veda is “Ratna.”

The structure of Brahman is like a giant gemstone. The structure contained in the Absolute is reflected in the structure of the relative, at every point in the relative, and in all systems of the relative. “The individual soul is Brahman, the Totality, and nothing else,” from Crest Jewel of Discrimination by Adi Shankara.