The Veda and Consciousness

Your awareness has a structure, like the lattice structure of a crystal. That lattice processes all the facts, information, emotions, and beliefs you have in a manner unique to that structure. Generally, that structure changes very little as you move through life. All your life experiences are assimilated and processed in a manner determined by that structure. They serve to reinforce that structure as a belief system, as a world-view.

The underlying basis of existence also has a lattice structure. It is called the structure of the Veda. Though multidimensional, it is represented in two dimensions as a yantra. That fundamental structure is called Buddhi… cosmic intellect.

Your evolution, your growth, is not a matter of how much you feed the current structure of your awareness with new facts and understandings. Your evolution is determined by the transformation of the structure of your awareness in the direction of the structure of Buddhi. The Purusha value is the quality of human awareness that is one with the structure of Cosmic awareness, the structure of the Veda. However generally, growth is incorrectly seen as reinforcement of the current structure of your awareness. It is a sort of indoctrination and reinforcement.

Proper meditation frees the awareness to evolve. Proper use of facts and experience will also evolve your awareness. However, that is a very rare and largely forgotten art. That is why I say that I do not teach facts, I use facts to help you evolve. Evolution is not so much about learning new facts… it is about the cultivation of a whole new way of thinking, a new structure to your consciousness… a structure that is one with the structure underlying all existence. The process is as natural as the blossoming of a rose.

Consciousness is the underlying basis of all that is. Consciousness becomes conscious of itself as other… and duality is born. Aware of the duality, a third thing is born. That process cascades out to infinity as the lattice structure of the Veda emerges.

Your evolution is the process of expansion and transformation of your awareness to the Purusha value… Buddhi… Cosmic Consciousness.

The Veda and Consciousness