Lord Karthikeya

Lord KarthikeyaIf we are to liken Ganesh to the structure of a crystal, Karthikeya could be likened to the dazzling display of lights dancing through that crystal. You could also liken it to an orchestra where Ganesh is the structure of all the instruments and Karthikeya is the conductor of the music being played. Thusly, Karthikeya is the orchestrator, the commander and chief of all the laws of Nature (the Gods).

Power of the Snake

The different operators of math are processes like addition, multiplication, division, etc. Every operator in nature permeates all levels and aspects of existence just as mathematics permeates all of existence. The operators that permeate existence can be referred to as the Gods, each having their own unique nature.

The quality of one such operator is that of the serpent or snake. To understand an operator, you can begin with how it feels. For example, the idea of a snake has a powerful effect on the psyche. Some are enchanted. Some are terrified. In every case, the feeling is powerful because the operator is a powerful one. We also know that it is an operator that must be handled with great care and respect. If not done, the snake may bite. If not done, the powerful practice of kundalini yoga can create terrible damage. The serpent power is not to be employed with a cavalier attitude. If you are just innocent about it, this is all intuitively obvious.

So, the serpent power has a very positive aspect. How do you know if there is imbalance with respect to the serpent operator? You feel it.

Karthikeya – Light and Sound

Existence is crystalline in structure, as if it is all done with mirrors: Consciousness becomes aware of itself over and over again, creating the structure. You can view the whole topic from the perspective of either physics or personification.

Imagine the full spectrum of all the colors of light shining through the crystal of existence. These are the fundamental operators of life and existence, the Gods. Karthikeya is the principle of orchestration of all the colors of light reflecting through the crystal. He is the Commander in Chief of all the Gods. The infinite orchestration of the mathematical precision of the intelligence of nature is his domain. That quality of nature is called Karthikeya. Through him, opposition to harmony in life is overcome.

Ganesh is ruler of the structure of existence. Karthikeya is ruler of the principles of light that shines through as the essence of all that is. To be more specific, light can be viewed as a particular frequency of sound, and actually the crystal of existence is the structure of sound of which light is one aspect. So really we are talking, not just about light, but about sound in the broadest sense of the word. The mantras and Brahmanas are the sounds underlying all that is.

Do you know why Karthikeya is the guru of his father, Lord Shiva? Because he takes the totality of the light that is Shiva and orchestrates its separation into the full spectrum of color and harmony, complete with all its complexity and grandeur, and reflects it back to Shiva. The guru shows you your own grandeur.