Sri Nagadevatha

Sri Nagadevatha - Explained by Michael Mamas"Naga" means snake, and "Devatha" means god, so the translation of "Nagadevatha" is snake god. Snakes represent the kundalini energy. (Kundalini is the spiritual energy lying at the base of the spine that naturally rises as a person evolves. Unnatural attempts to raise the kundalini are dangerous and ill-advised. As the kundalini rises, it purifies the subtle energetic system. With proper meditation, inner exploration, and a healthy, balanced lifestyle, it can be more quickly integrated, bringing the state of Enlightenment.)

The snake’s blessing is most important for evolution and health. The snake has to do with health because it maps onto the human body, with these parts like snake:

  1. Spine and the way the kundalini energy travels up the spine (evolution significance)
  2. Each nerve looks like a snake
  3. Sperm looks like a snake. Even when the sperm attaches to the ovum, it still looks like a small snake for the first month (our origin).
  4. Intestines
  5. Tongue
  6. Gyrus and sulcus (fold=gyrus, groove=sulcus) of the brain
  7. Ducts, tubes, canals, and pipes of the anatomy

Worship of Sri Nagadevatha can be helpful for anyone affected by Mars, Rahu, or Ketu, including those suffering from Kalasarpa dosha. He can also be helpful for anyone experiencing kundalini issues. Problems with kundalini energy include:

  1. Marital problems
  2. Problems getting married
  3. Having all girls and no boys
  4. Long-standing, unresolved problems
  5. Negative thinking and problems interacting with people to the point that most interactions are negative or give a negative result
  6. Hearing problems from birth
  7. Skin diseases (psoriasis, etc.)
  8. Intestinal problems