The Veda and Meditation

The Veda and MeditationAll existence emerged from Oneness… pure Consciousness. Consciousness aware of itself as ‘other’ births duality. Consciousness continues to interact with itself birthing multiplicity. The structure is very precise… One to two to three on to infinity. The self interaction creates movement and vibration… a symphony of sound. Each sound carries a particular quality… a particular aspect of Oneness, of wholeness… of what is called the Veda… of what is called ‘Being’.

The sound ‘Ram’ is the quality of the resplendence and integration of the entire structure of Veda. It permeates everything in creation with the fullness of life found at the source of existence, your existence. Ram awakens all things to their essence… to oneness… to wholeness.

The sound ‘Surya’ means central Sun. Just as the sun is the source of our solar system, Surya emphasizes the central value as it emerges and holds together all of life and existence.

The difference between Ram and Surya is best studied by learning more of each of their natures. Everything in existence has a personified aspect. That is why it is natural to give your boat, car, golf putter, rifle, etc. a name. As your relationship with anything deepens, it takes on a personified quality. So Ram and Surya do have personified aspects which highlight the subtle distinctions between the two. At the same time, Ram and Surya are one and the same… they are both Oneness… pure consciousness.

The Surya Ram Meditation

Meditation is a mechanic… a technology. It is the sound itself that resonates with the essential nature of the body, mind, and soul. So for the purpose of the mechanic, it is important that it is related to as simply a meaningless sound.

We use the name Surya Ram meditation to emphasize that this meditation awakens you to You… to YOUR true essential nature… to the central Sun of your own unique Being. It imposes nothing. It simply awakens.

There are numerous meditation programs available in contemporary society. Many impose a conditioning or unnatural programming upon the mind. Surya Ram Meditation is an effortless process that is easy to learn and undeniably effective.

The Surya Ram Meditation is a transcending meditation. Rather than focusing, controlling, concentrating, or visualizing to gain mastery over the awareness, this meditation simply gives our consciousness the space to self-correct—unwind and unravel naturally, to rest into its true exquisite nature.

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