The Veda: Look Deeper

The Veda: Look DeeperModern physics has become so complex that the formulas can be tweaked to make the universe look like anything you want.  Adjust a parameter here or there and you can make the universe look like the shape of anything… an elephant, a gorilla, just take your pick. So every time a new observation from the Hubble telescope is made, every formula can be tweaked to still work.

It is understandable then, that a physicist may be inclined to look at attempts to relate Vedic Knowledge to modern physics and claim that, “one can always define such things in a way to defend these concepts. For example, one can equate the Unified Field with Pure Consciousness, etc.” Having a background in physics and math, I can respect that, particularly when said by someone who takes only a quick glance at Vedic Knowledge.

However, after the superstition and confusion (that often does admittedly come up) around Vedic Knowledge is discarded, i.e. after the Knowledge is purified as per Adi Shankara, then what? Then you have a knowledge that seamlessly interfaces with all aspects of life and existence. It perfectly addresses and integrates all science, art, philosophy, psychology, etc. as a unified whole.

So then let’s ask the question, “What is Truth?” Isn’t “Truth” something that correctly accommodates everything without refutation? Once all aspects of life and existence are examined in rigorous and rational detail and still come together in a unified whole without contradiction, have you not found “Truth”? Isn’t that so by definition?

A quick glance at Vedic Knowledge through the eyes of modern science may prompt one to reject it as just a convenient set of redefinition of terms. However, if one looks more and more deeply with a discerning eye, the time arrives when it all comes together. That is when you find Truth within yourself. This is something far more elusive than is afforded by a quick glance, particularly when one identifies with their current model or belief system about life. Even ones identification with, and devotion to, their current understanding of Vedic Knowledge is enough to prevent them from looking deeper!

In this ’30-second sound bite” world, few are willing to take the time to look that much deeper. What they may consider to be looking deeper is simply the re-justification, and increased indoctrination into, their current world view… i.e. their conditioning, indoctrination, identity, etc. To move past your limitations is no easy task. It is the true final frontier for every individual.