What is Vedic Science?

Vedic ScienceThere are many things in this day and age that require a great deal of sophistication, precision, and detail. From cell phones to intricate medical equipment, science has advanced to an astonishing place.

As wonderful as these accomplishments are, the ancient knowledge of Vedic Science encompasses a great deal more than even the latest cutting edge feats of scientific progress.

Embracing technologies that are beyond modern comprehension, Vedic Science addresses all levels of life. Something so delicate easily slips through the fingers as it is passed from generation to generation.

It is our purpose to revive the purity of Vedic knowledge given to us by the ancient Rishis.

How are Vedic Science and Western Science Different?

Western science began with the surface and worked its way deeper, attempting to fathom the depth. Initially, Western science began by throwing a rock off a tall building and measured how long it took to hit the ground, eventually leading to Newton’s laws. Western science looked a little deeper with Maxwell’s equations, eventually leading to the deeper level of quantum mechanics and modern physics.

In contrast, Vedic science began with the depth, the seed of life and existence. That depth was found, not by looking outward as in Western science, but instead by looking inward. Everything in its essence is one with the source of all existence. So the ancient Rishis, by looking inward all the way to the depth of their being, cognized the fundamental laws of nature and how those laws emerged throughout all levels of life.

Science is a study of nature. Western science has its language, Vedic science has its language. Though the languages are quite different, they both speak of the same thing, the nature of life and existence.

How Does Cognition Relate to Vedic Science?

What makes Vedic science stand out is the process of cognition. Vedic science is based upon the cognitions of the ancient Rishis. The process of cognition is very rare. Some say cognition is not even possible in this day and age because the atmosphere is too polluted. In ancient times when the atmosphere was very pure, ancient Rishis purified their physiology like a very fine instrument.

Imagine a phonograph. The needle touches into the record which vibrates the needle according to the etchings on the record. Those vibrations are then amplified and sent out through the speakers of the phonograph for all to hear. The process of Vedic cognition is similar. The record is the Veda and the phonograph is the physiology of the Rishis. The Rishis touched into the Vedic level of existence and allowed it to well up through their vocal cords for all to hear. Those sounds were passed down through the generations. They are the sounds of nature, the vibrations that are the very source of all the laws of nature. This knowledge is called “Vedic Science.”

What Does Vedic Science Include?

The Veda has a structure that encompasses the depth and breadth of all existence—the relative, the Transcendental, and the junction between the two. Vedic Science includes the knowledge of those three levels as well as how they interact and view one another. It also addresses the actual mechanics of existence, including the manifestation of existence. The essence of that understanding is contained in the knowledge of Rishi, Devata, Chhandas. In this section of the website, we will discuss these aspects in greater detail.

Words of Encouragement

It takes some time to understand the structure of the Veda. What I am trying to do here is give the big picture. Likely, you will have to work with it and reflect on it. I will write more about it and talk more about it. Eventually, it will come into focus for you. Just be patient with the process, and if it doesn’t make sense at first, just be easy with that.

It is wise to not get caught up in trying to remember the definition of words that are new to you. You do better to just understand the big picture conceptually. In time, after you get comfortable with the big picture, then you can start to reflect on the meaning of words, like Nyaya, Sankhya, etc. But there is no need for that until you are very comfortable with the big picture.

Once you go through the basic steps, it all starts to become incredibly beautiful, so it is well worth doing. Furthermore, spending time with this is a very powerful tool for your evolution. It expands your consciousness and it aligns your awareness with that which lies beyond limitations of indoctrinated thought.

At first, try to keep it as simple as possible. The progression goes from Rishi in its simplest form to the objective world and then back to Rishi in its full grandeur. Stick with me through this process and I will take you through the looking glass.