Jyotish - Vedic AstrologyLiterally meaning science of light, Jyotish is a mathematically sophisticated and profound Vedic form of astrology. The underlying essence of existence is Oneness. That Oneness is called the unified field in physics, pure Consciousness, God, etc. As that Consciousness views itself, it sees itself as ‘other.’ Duality is born. Consciousness sees those two things, then multiplicity is born, and so on.

Everything maps on to everything else. Why? Because everything is the unified field. In spiritual terms, everything is One. If you are the unified field and a tennis ball is the unified field, then it follows that you are the tennis ball. Again in spiritual terms… it is all God. Everything is one with God. In mathematical terms this is called “mapping.” Everything maps on to everything else. For example, in reflexology, the foot maps on to the rest of the body. The big toe is the head, the heel is the pelvis, etc. Some mappings are rather direct as in reflexology. Others are very abstract, like how the arrangement of tea leaves in a cup maps on to your future. The mappings are valid. Whether or not anyone can read them accurately is quite another matter.

Jyotish is a MappingJyotish (Vedic astrology) is a mapping. The question is, “Can anyone accurately read that mapping?” The current world situation does map on to the planets (and everything else), but can it be read? I understand the ancient Mayans paid particular attention to the location of the rising Venus…. similar to the rising sun’s equinox and solstice. There are many alignments of objects like planets, as well as points like Rahu and Ketu, that come into such calculations.

Again, the validity of mapping is certain. Everything comes out of and is, in essence, the same one thing. The question is, “Can anyone read those mappings.”

I have experienced many incredible things in my life. To my experience, the best jyotishis (jyotish practitioners) do not even look at the charts. They just know. They are called Seers…. 

Jyotish and Gemstones

Jyotish and GemstonesThe underlying essence of existence is Oneness, Consciousness. As that Consciousness views itself, it sees itself as ‘other’ and ‘the pendulum swings’ in that direction. Duality, then multiplicity, is born. It continues to see patterns in that self-interacting dynamic, causing the pendulum to swing this way and that, setting up numerous vibrations in the resulting structure.

That structure continues on at the basis of all existence. The vibrations permeate all existence in a symphony of Oneness… infinite harmony, intelligence, wholeness, and so on. Some matter is tuned to one vibration, while other matter is tuned to another. That determines the course of evolution of species, each along its own path.

As species evolve further, they move in the direction of a species that more and more fully embodies the totality of knowledge, vibrations, wholeness, that is inherent in the Oneness that birthed the Universe. Those vibrations direct the evolution of species and also the growth of crystals, gemstones.

By wearing a particular gemstone, the particular vibration it is tuned to permeates your being. So, if a particular vibration is needed by you, that vibration can be provided by wearing that gemstone. The science and technology of this knowledge is called Jyotish. It is a subtle art. The science is valid.

Jyotish and Karma

I was asked the following:
Is it good for us to know our future (by means of Jyotish shastra) horoscope? If yes, what is the point in knowing the future when everything is pre-determined by Karma. Won’t an Individual be upset if astrology predicts he will not live after a certain period (in near future).

To which I respond:
Jyotish is a map of your karma. At the depth of your being (the level of the Transcendent, the Divine) you are beyond karma. When you act from that level, you are infinitely free. Yet jyotish does always give a forecast of the upcoming ‘weather’ on the surface of life. For example, it is good to know if it is going to rain, so you can carry an umbrella. Fight your karma with everything you have! The best way to fight it is to evolve. Proper meditation is the most powerful tool. Learn the Surya Ram Meditation.

Karma will certainly play out, but it can be taken to a different level. For example, karma may be that an accident will occur, but as you evolve, the accident will (instead of being major) be something as simple as stubbing your toe. Of course, visiting the temple, havans, pujas, etc. help with this. The question of free will versus predetermination is something I discuss in length in my lectures and writings.

Generally speaking, Westerners think they have more free will than they do. Easterners think they have less free will than they do. As you evolve, you come to know that you and God are one. At that point, your will and God’s will are one. Then there is no question of free will versus predetermination. God’s will comes in two forms: 1) the laws of karma governing this world of God’s creation and 2) infinite freedom. So, for the enlightened, free will and predetermination are the same thing. There is no difference.

In the state of enlightenment, you have no karma. However, you have entered the world of karma, generally out of compassion for the world. What is perceived to be your karma, is the world’s karma revolving around you and your life… much as the planets revolve around the sun.

One final point: Many think of karma as something outside of themselves that affects them. That is not the complete truth. Most of your karma is between your ears and in your heart. Most of your karma comes in the form of what you think and how you feel. Thusly, you create your own world.

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