Everything in this world is interconnected. “I am that. Thou art that. All of this is nothing but that.” Said in terms of modern physics: Everything is, in its essence, the unified field. It follows then, that all knowledge of everything is contained deep within anything, because after all, anything is one with everything. That infinite limitless interconnection is difficult for most to comprehend, let alone accept. At the same time, it logically follows from understanding that everything is, in its essence, the One thing that is the source of all that is. Even time collapses down to oneness. In other words, the past, present, and future are one—again difficult to understand, let alone accept. 

So knowledge of anything contains the knowledge of everything. This is the key to not only Jyotish (Vedic astrology), but includes the Jyotish knowledge of omens and numerology. So, the question is not whether astrology, numerology, and omens are real. The question is whether or not a person is able to interpret/read them. The Vedangas tell us that the culmination of human evolution is Jyotish. Jyotish means light. Essentially then, evolution continues until we eventually ‘see the light’. Of course, after we ‘see the light’, refinement of that continues. It is as if we go from darkness into a room where the lights are on. Though we then see the light, it takes time for the eyes to adjust, for perception to refine. 

Through life experience, refinement continues. If we resist learning, the process takes longer. Omens are everywhere. Everything is an omen. Some are more ‘readable,’ more fathomable, than others. Knowledge of all that too is everywhere—even in the dust under your bed. The question is: Who can see it?  Who can read it? 

Of course, our conditioning (i.e., our biases, limitations, distortions, mindsets, belief systems, etc.) comes into play. To really ‘see the light’ is no small thing! However, if you monitor your life experiences, you can develop a feel for the insights that Jyotish (astrology, numerology, omens, etc.) provides. There will be those times when you feel certain something must be an omen, but it is usually understood only in hindsight, if at all. The art of reading omens is a subtle art that easily slips through the fingers. It is more often than not ignored or misused. However, the Jyotish mechanics of creation are there and valid. The only question is the ability of the reader. 

So, if you choose to explore that arena, do so with wisdom and discernment. Better to leave it alone than to embrace it foolishly. On the other hand, to explore it wisely is to open the door to deep understanding of life and existence. Yet, so few approach the subtleties of life and existence with the requisite wisdom and discernment.

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Mars and Saturn – Interesting Jyotish

Mars is exalted (so powerful) in Saturn’s sign and has been there for a long time, which is not good. When a planet is in a sign for an excessive amount of time, it becomes more malefic. Also, Saturn having Mars live in its home for so long makes Saturn more malefic. When Mars moves on November 5th to Saturn’s next sign, it will move through quickly, so the negative influence of Saturn and Mars will be much less. Mars will then also not be exalted, so their negative influences will be less. In general, things should start to get better after November 5th.

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Mars in Capricorn

When Mars stays in a particular sign for an extended period of time, it is considered to be inauspicious, an undesirable influence. Mars normally goes through a sign in about a month. However, it’s already been in Capricorn for a while and will remain there for three more months. Further compounding the difficulty is that it is in one of Saturn’s signs, so the malefic influence of both planets is heightened. Even more challenging, Mars is exalted in Capricorn at this time, making the influence even more powerful. Furthermore, Ketu is in Capricorn. Some (but not all Jyotishis) say that makes things even more difficult.

I think the good news is that this provides an astrological understanding of the tensions that so many individuals are experiencing as well as the global affairs in general. I think that understanding is helpful. So, the light is at the end of the tunnel, and for now, we all need to hang in there. Better times are coming.

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Lunar Eclipse Information

Lunar Eclipse – Asheville, NC - January 31, 2018

There will be an eclipse on Wednesday, January 31. Read the USA Today article about the upcoming Supermoon, blue moon, lunar eclipse. According to Vedic knowledge:

  1. Because during an eclipse there is imbalance physically, it is suggested that people not eat or drink during the eclipse because the body does not process food and water correctly. Wait to shower, drink, and eat until 10 minutes after the eclipse. It is okay to drink up to 10 minutes before, just not during the eclipse.
  2. It is advised not to look at eclipses. Even if you do not look at the eclipse, the effects of an eclipse last 3-6 months. It states in the Vedas that as a result of an eclipse, there can be changes in nature and natural disasters can occur.
  3. During the whole lunar eclipse, it is best to stay inside and not look outside or even allow moonlight in starting 10 minutes before and finishing 10 minutes after the eclipse. During the eclipse, it is best to meditate or chant or sleep – a good time to go inward. Find out when the eclipse is visible in your area from
  4. Because the moon is not directly visible in Asheville starting at 7:30 am, Panditji said that at Mount Soma, we just need to stay out of the moonlight from 5:45-7:45 am. This is also the period when we should not drink or eat. We can eat, drink, and shower after 7:45 am. He suggested we do our group meditation starting at 9:00 am. At 11:00 am, we will clean the temple floors. After 11:00 am, we can offer a white flower to the Moon, and do Pradakshina 9 times while chanting “Shri Sum Chandraya Namaha.”
  5. The moon signs most affected by this eclipse are Cancer, Leo, Libra, Capricorn, and Gemini.
  6. About the Supermoon:
    1. With a Supermoon, the earth is closer to the moon, bringing more Soma; and the moon is closer to the sun, bringing more Agni.
    2. During a full moon, especially during a Supermoon, the tide comes in and there are bigger waves. The same happens to the emotions, which is why there is more lunacy on full moons. The moon influences emotions, will, and mind. This choppiness happens on new moons and full moons – people are affected by both. Brilliant moons are more upsetting than less brilliant ones.
    3. The Supermoon can affect the rest of the year. It also influences all the planets. It especially affects those with a debilitated moon in their Jyotish chart.
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Current Jyotish

Ganga Park LingaMercury will be right on top of Saturn this Saturday night/early Sunday morning. That is challenging. Moon is debilitated… that is challenging. Venus and Sun are right on top of each other. That is challenging.

The good news is that after Saturday night, the net effect of these things will start getting better. It has been a long two-year period of very difficult Jyotish. Of course, all this depends upon your chart as it applies to your personal life.

Also, all the planets will still be on one side of Rahu and Ketu (which is not good for world affairs) until early February.


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