Everything in this world is interconnected. “I am that. Thou art that. All of this is nothing but that.” Said in terms of modern physics: Everything is, in its essence, the unified field. It follows then, that all knowledge of everything is contained deep within anything, because after all, anything is one with everything. That infinite limitless interconnection is difficult for most to comprehend, let alone accept. At the same time, it logically follows from understanding that everything is, in its essence, the One thing that is the source of all that is. Even time collapses down to oneness. In other words, the past, present, and future are one—again difficult to understand, let alone accept. 

So knowledge of anything contains the knowledge of everything. This is the key to not only Jyotish (Vedic astrology), but includes the Jyotish knowledge of omens and numerology. So, the question is not whether astrology, numerology, and omens are real. The question is whether or not a person is able to interpret/read them. The Vedangas tell us that the culmination of human evolution is Jyotish. Jyotish means light. Essentially then, evolution continues until we eventually ‘see the light’. Of course, after we ‘see the light’, refinement of that continues. It is as if we go from darkness into a room where the lights are on. Though we then see the light, it takes time for the eyes to adjust, for perception to refine. 

Through life experience, refinement continues. If we resist learning, the process takes longer. Omens are everywhere. Everything is an omen. Some are more ‘readable,’ more fathomable, than others. Knowledge of all that too is everywhere—even in the dust under your bed. The question is: Who can see it?  Who can read it? 

Of course, our conditioning (i.e., our biases, limitations, distortions, mindsets, belief systems, etc.) comes into play. To really ‘see the light’ is no small thing! However, if you monitor your life experiences, you can develop a feel for the insights that Jyotish (astrology, numerology, omens, etc.) provides. There will be those times when you feel certain something must be an omen, but it is usually understood only in hindsight, if at all. The art of reading omens is a subtle art that easily slips through the fingers. It is more often than not ignored or misused. However, the Jyotish mechanics of creation are there and valid. The only question is the ability of the reader. 

So, if you choose to explore that arena, do so with wisdom and discernment. Better to leave it alone than to embrace it foolishly. On the other hand, to explore it wisely is to open the door to deep understanding of life and existence. Yet, so few approach the subtleties of life and existence with the requisite wisdom and discernment.

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  1. Many facets of our reality and interpretation of here to explore, for some time.

    Thank you.

    Jai Siva Sankara.

  2. Thank you for this blog. You have told us numerous times to be cautious with readings and to use discernment. After the last 2 readings I have had by 2 different readers who both said the same thing, but nothing of what was said happened, I was quite pleased nothing happened. But looking back on it the messages were there just not accurate. However, by acting as if the messages were a curate I prepared myself and avoided what could gave happened. Discernment was the key. Thank you

  3. Another great blog, thanks for continuing to assist us in our search for the “light”.

  4. Exquisite.

    It’s all right there.

    So close, yet so elusive.

    Jai Guru Dev.

  5. Very interesting with reality of core of Vedic knowledge. Keep on writing with latest research Dr. Michael Mamas.