Miracles and God

Lord GaneshDo you believe in miracles? Do I? I guess that is a matter of what one means by miracles. In this world, everything functions through science. Miracles are mastery over laws of Nature (of science) not yet understood. Wouldn’t it be a bit presumptuous to think we know all the laws of science? In that case, any ‘miracle’ would be considered bogus or superstition.

The laws of Nature can be called “the gods.” The gods can be thought of as various aspects of the one God, what some in the field of modern physics would call “the unified field.”

Doesn’t it make sense that the one thing out of which all persons were born also has a personified aspect? And just as with all of us, the personified aspect is what gives us meaning.

It is all so simple… so obvious really.


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  1. Thank you, Michael, for bringing into consciousness the oneness of science and spirituality with your elegant and parsimonious words – a hallmark of good science and inspiring to the spirit.

  2. Is it our awakening to the laws of nature (science) that makes a miracle an ordinary experience?
    Can we play with expectation?

  3. Carol,
    If I understand you correctly, I would respond by saying that you do not need to know the laws of physics regarding how the eye works in order to see. Similarly, as we evolve we spontaneously have new mastery over laws of nature.

  4. Thank you for your words.

  5. I see many things daily as miracles and am continually filled with wonder at how elegantly the universe works. I’d rather not live solely in the world explained by science, and at the same time am often fascinated when you ruminate on how everything works from a quantum mechanical perspective.

  6. Thank you. The information is presented very eloquently bringing science and spirituality together. I am also fascinated by how the universe works as I see everyday as miracle.