A Nice Day

January 3, 2012

After a couple of meetings at the Center yesterday I was happy to see Pandit Prasad and his wife, Lakshmi, sitting in the Mountain View Room.  Lakshmi’s cousin and his wife were visiting and it was good to speak with them a bit.  I asked Pandit how the World Peace Project [MMWPP] was going and if the Pandits were having fun.  It is important to me that they are enjoying themselves.  Feeling is certainly a big part of life and of course an important aspect of Unified Field Technology as well.

Pandit Prasad said they were enjoying themselves.  He said that crowds gather around to watch when the pandits are performing the yagnya ceremony each day. Evidently the people visiting the Jyotirlinga temples, attracted to the power of what our pandits are doing, come and watch.

Though very powerful, these yagnyas are rarely performed.  Most priests do not know how to do it.  Generally they are only asked to do more individually or personally directed pujas, etc.  It is amazing to me that in this world such incredible knowledge is on such a limited basis understood and appreciated for what it is. Time is responsible for this.  The sun rises and sets.  The Mayans correctly viewed time as a cycle.  Big and little cycles.  Big cycles of time are called yugas. We are fortunate to live in a time when the pendulum is swinging in a positive direction.  Through wise and dedicated action, we can usher in a beautiful era for humanity.

We are incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to offer this project to the world.  It is enlivening a wonderful feeling within that is with me all the time.  I am excited (feel like a little boy around Christmas time!) to continue with the MMWPP as it expands in radiance. What a blessing.

It was quite enjoyable to take some time out to sit and chat about the MMWPP with Pandit and Lakshmi.  We also had a nice exchange about linguistics and the nature of cultures.  We had a pleasant time sitting over our cups of tea before I rushed off to get back to work.  Life is good.

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