I love animals.  My relationship with them is admittedly not typical, but my appreciation of them is deep and seems to deepen more and more over the years.  Their place in creation is woven into the very fabric of transcendental existence, the depth of the Veda.  Elephants, horses, tigers, lions, cows, etc… they all have a role, a component (are operators) in the mechanics of existence at that most fundamental level.  Elephants are pure tamas.  Horses, rajas.  Cows, sattva.  Tama (steady, dark, solid), rajas (active), and sattva (pure) being the three gunas or attributes that permeate all existence.

Though the logistics and legalities are evidently prohibitive, I have for some time thought it would be great to have a park with elephants here at Mount Soma.  This video illustrates the notion.

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