3 – 5 = 10

When it comes to understanding the Veda, we must not be simplistic.  The Veda emerges from the finest level of existence. In the west, that is called the Unified Field. Modern science tells us that the structure of the Unified Field (i.e. the Veda) is crystalline in nature. The mathematics of such structures is called Abstract Algebra.

The face of a clock is a very simple example. Three o’clock minus five hours equals ten o’clock.  Modern physics theory tells us that Unified Field is ten dimensional (the ten mandalas of the Veda). The vastness and complexity of each dimension, of course, far exceeds that of the face of a clock.

So when it comes to trying to understand Vedic Knowledge, we must keep this in mind and remain humble. It simply cannot be fathomed by the elementary logic and mathematics with which we are all familiar.


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  1. Wow!!!

  2. It seems as though from the first years of our life, we want to feel we are special,”Look what I can do mom” As we get older it can get so much worse without proper guidance. We want and need to make a name for ourselves. If that happens..it could be the worse thing that might happen to us. I was taught to be humble at a very young age however it worked so well I then struggled to find confidence. Today I have moments when I feel I have no identity and I feel my best in those moments. I truly hope that those moments (although brief) are more from the results of your teachings and less from my conditioning because..wow does it feel amazing. I am not sure these comments relate directly to this blog however functioning from a place of humility as I fathom the Veda..does not seem to be a problem:)
    Thank you Maharshiji..my humility and appreciation is boundless around you.

  3. Beautiful….never thought I’d feel such beauty regarding mathematics, but this touches a sweet spot.

    Thank you

  4. Above and beyond a reminder to remain humble, this blog reminds me of a ‘why’ to remain humble. It also reminds me of the importance the intellect plays in staying on the path. It seemed most gurus in the past did not emphasize the role intellect plays in evolution and it must have been a slower path, then, for the students. How blessed we are to have a guru who can give a sense of the complexities of Veda with an example we all understand- the face of a clock.