A Most Remarkable Day

A Most Remarkable Day - Michael Mamas BlogYesterday, we began temple roof repairs at Mount Soma. How can one communicate the wonders of that day? Is it even possible? To put it in words would be easy enough. To understand those words would be simple. Yet the wonder is not in the words. The wonder is in the experience. It is one thing to grasp a concept intellectually and think, “Oh, ok, I understand that”, and then to pack it away as just another perspective or notion. It is quite another to find it within yourself through direct experience and know from deep within your own being that it is true… It is real… It actually happened.

All Vedic Knowledge is like that. You can study it a good deal, appreciate it, find it fascinating, and even perhaps at some point decide you are an expert in that Knowledge. However, a time comes when it all clicks deep within you. It all comes together so perfectly that you realize it is true. It is real. It is not just a philosophy. It is the nature of existence. I guess it is similar in that way to studying math.  At first it may not make sense. It may even seem impossible. But in time, it resonates with the depth of your being. You know it is true. It is not based upon faith. It is knowledge that you have. Then, even though you have not added every possible combination of numbers, you know the truth that the principles embody. Those principles are not just philosophy. They are valid. They are true.

All sorts of beings, Devas, Ganas, Asuras, etc., revolve around and worship Lord Shiva. He is the embodiment of the Transcendent – the source and convergence point of all that is. Similarly, the idea of black holes in outer space suggests a point around which all things revolve. It is a point of infinite power. Not even time can escape it. There is an event horizon around it where things break down, similar to the band of underworld beings that revolve around and are devoted to Lord Shiva. To hear the story as myth is a far cry from understanding that it is the personified aspect of the physics of reality. But how can that be conveyed with words?

To repair the temple roof, the Kalash on top must be removed. The Kalash is like an antenna. It connects the temple to the cosmos. It holds and brings forth the energy of the Gods. Before it can be removed, that energy must be stored. After the Kalash is returned to its rightful place, that energy must be returned. To say it concisely, yesterday was the day those energies were collected and stored appropriately.

BhairavaThe entire pantheon of Gods is disturbed when an event such as removing a Kalash from a Vedic Temple occurs. They all become upset. Even Lord Vishnu takes great notice and His presence overtakes the sky. That energy of upset is so great that only three things can hold it… namely, fire, rice, and a cow. Yesterday, at the top of the stairs to the temple, a bust of Bhairava, a fierce form of Shiva, was created out of rice. Surabhi (our cow) and a fire were also present. Then, with threads in place to carry the energy from each murti to the appropriate station on an altar, a rope was attached from the tail of Surabhi to the Kalash. She made the initial movement of removing the Kalash. A cow’s strength is the only strength sufficient to carry the powerful disturbance from all those diverse beings around Lord Shiva.

This is a short description of yesterday’s events. However, to actually be there and witness those events is beyond description. To experience the power of those moments is to know the truth of their underlying reality. It was truly a remarkable day.

The repairs will be done around Thanksgiving. We will post the exact dates when they are confirmed. The Kalash will be replaced and the temple will be reopened. I encourage everyone to attend the events of that day if it is at all practical.

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  1. Yesterday was incredible. As Michael mentions no words can really explain the feeling that was so palpable.

  2. Even though I am far from truly understanding what happened yesterday, witnessing the event was remarkable.

  3. More pics will be posted on instagram as they come in.

  4. Wow! Thanks for sharing. Fascinating!

  5. The day was kind of mesmerizing. The explanation of the mechanics of how all of this works is fascinating and makes sense, yet there’s still an indescribable feeling when words inevitably fall short. Mysterious beauty…

  6. Well, even though a blog post is not the same as being there, this is a wonderful, powerful post. Thank you

  7. The day was incredible! Even when I was working at home while the ceremonies were happening, it felt like being carried by a wave. To have more than one pandit chanting really does exponentially increase the power. Wonderful to be a part of.

    I would say the most fascinating part of the whole thing was the energy change and removal of the kalash on top of the temple. I could feel things shift, but I don’t really understand what all happened. What a great day!

  8. Thank you for this blog, this explanation of the events and their significance made me recreate them in my mind though I was not there.

  9. I was just talking to Panditji who said that the cow is an incarnation of Mother Divine. All divine energies live in the cow, which is why the cow could bear the different energies present during the temple kalash removal.

  10. It was remarkable to witness the event! I couldn’t find words to describe my feelings. The atmosphere was palpable. Toward to end of the ceremony, we entered the temple, singing the Aarathi song, tears ran down my cheeks. Not knowing what was going on intellectually, I probably felt the power of the whole event. A truly remarkable day…

  11. The exact time of day details of the schedule for the kalash reinstallation are still being worked out. They will be announced as soon as they are finalized. The events will occur the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving (Nov. 27 and 28) and perhaps the evening of Thanksgiving day.

    Four pandits will be doing the ceremonies. It will be incredibly powerful so if possible, please plan to attend. We expect it to be quite busy so if anyone would like to volunteer to help, please contact Dave at [email protected]

  12. The Kalash removal was quite an experience. I have been thinking about how to describe the feeling, but I can’t seem to find words It was surprisingly different from any other Vedic Ceromonies that I have felt. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be here for it and I am really looking forward to the re-installation. I can’t help but feel like the Temple will be completely different after the repairs are made and the kalash is re-installed. Like a Rakshasa has been vacated from the Temple…

  13. The entire day, the Lord was on my mind. Every time I would think about Him, I felt like putting my head in my hands and weeping, even though I was pleased about the event that was taking place and deeply understood the necessity for it. That day was intense and private and inward and beautiful. His Presence was and is profoundly felt here through Sri Somesvara and through You. Thank you for sharing that day in such a sweet and exquisite manner.

  14. The class talk about this was amazing. Ah well, I did feel it from bed.