A New Paradigm for World Peace?

New Paradigm for World Peace - Michael MamasI just published a new article on Medium.com:
“A New Paradigm for World Peace?”

It begins:
“We hear on the news every day about the current economic crisis, Syrian refugees, ISIS, killings within our country, and the list goes on. Sometimes it feels like nothing is working. However, it’s not just today. Even world history reads like a horror story: world wars, mass genocide, famine, drought, and disease. Yet we continue with the same old approaches to solve our problems: yet another new economic plan, more government control, less government control, new leadership, and the formation of still another department to address this issue or that. The truth of the matter is none of this is making things better. We all know the world is in turmoil and nobody knows what to do about it. But there is good news, if only we are willing to hear it”…

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  1. It’s a very compelling call…”for the price of one bomb” we can create an influence of peace in the world.

    Thanks for saying it again and again in so many different ways.

  2. This article is both a good reminder and a good introduction. Thank you