LakshmiI received the following question:

Q: Please give some clarity about Abundance. I am noticing that through the  teachings of abundance, I feel as though people get wrapped around the monetary aspect to gain materialism.

I have experienced Abundance on that level and know that it is not the key to connecting to the divine, nor spiritual growth. Can you bring some light to this?


A:  Lakshmi is the Goddess of Abundance.  She is represented in pure gold.  She is the fullness of the abundance we experience on a beautiful lush, fully resplendent summer day.

She is a rose in that moment of perfect full bloom in the morning mist.  She is abundance on all levels of life… spiritual fullness and contentment… abundant good health… fullness of love, joy, and friendship… peace and happiness.  Material wealth is only a small aspect of her domain.

In Kali Yuga, most who go to her seem to be asking for money.  However, a fulfilled life and material wealth… well… you get the idea.

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  1. Like everyone, I long for a life of fulfillment and abundance, but it almost feels like a dangling carrot. Maybe those things are available right now, but sometimes I seem incapable appreciating the joy of what is right in front of me. I wonder what it feels like to truly live a life of abundance. Idealized notions are surely lacking… emotional peace…. happiness…. love…. metal peace… and on and on. Maybe some I day I will come to know Lakshmi in her full glory….

  2. This is the world of wanting…
    You find fulfillment in the depth of your being, not on the surface.
    Surface joy, fun, happiness, etc. from time to time… yes. But the fulfillment you long for is only found at the depth.
    Looking in the wrong place will never satisfy.
    Think it is something it is not and looking for that will not be fruitful.
    When it comes, it will come in a form that you never expected.
    Trying to make it something else only slows the progress.
    Just do your program and be easy.
    Know that the process works, though it can at times feel like you are crossing a desert… climbing a mountain… braving a storm.
    You are on The Path of the True Hero.

  3. …a humble bow to the Hero’s Journey!

  4. Jai Guru Dev