Akasha means space. As with all Sanskrit terms, the meaning is contained in the sound. The sounds “A”, “ka”, and “sha” beautifully display the origin and nature of Akasha.

“A” is unboundedness, fully open throat, no edges. “Ka” refers to the birth of space at the very moment of the manifestation of relative existence. Consciousness, represented by “A,” becomes conscious of itself, perceives itself as other, and duality is born. “Ka” expresses the creation of space. It contains the feeling of pushing apart or taking a step back. Consciousness takes a step back when it perceives itself as other, and duality is born. It’s beautiful that you can feel this in the very sound of “ka.” It also displays how when duality is born, the Trinity is born. You have the Knower, the Known, and the space between the two, which is essential to the process of Knowing. As Consciousness continues to interact with itself, multiplicity is born. “A-ka-sha” continues to unfold in a flood, a shower, of self-interaction, creating a fullness of limitless interacting dynamics.

The syllable “sha” embodies the fullness of the Gap. The infinite abundance of relative existence. Infinity exists in the Gap. It is no coincidence that “sha” even sounds like the word “shower.” A shower is a lively flood of dynamism. The very sound of “sha” embodies the feeling. So “Akasha” conveys the full meaning of the notion of space, the Gap.


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  1. This is very interesting…. worth pondering. I think you are saying that the initial dynamics of creation, the creation of knower, known and process of knowing all are embodied in the word Akasha? Thank you.

  2. Wow! I knew Sanskrit was a pure language that welled up without distortion from the Transcendent but I had no idea it was this beautiful. I will remember this explanation of akasha forever. Thank you!

  3. Wow, I love how that is put together. It’s amazing how you see the mappings. Such a beautiful blog, I could read it over and over — and I probably should.

  4. Very beautifully constructed

  5. Incredible but feels a bit abstract still, more conceptual. How does this affect my life?

  6. Exquisitely beautiful. Could feel/sense a fundamental magical quality of the akash as you explained it’s manifestation. Kind of feels like or I associate it with a magical misty morning dew in the countryside… Am I close or totally off ?

  7. Very profound

  8. Looking over the soft misty or morning dew in the countryside might the Akash be that subtle something that feels present but still not quite there, but invites you to look for it anyway…? (Looking with a sense of wonder)

  9. I love it when you speak in terms of sound. It feels like a bigger ‘in’ for me.

    This is a brilliant blog. It is so descriptive of manifestation and how all Knowledge exists in every thing, including in this case, a letter, syllable, or word. I appreciate it when you spell these things out for us in a way that allows us to feel them a little more.

  10. Several have asked: “How does this affect my life?”
    By giving glimpses of how the surface of life connects to the depth, that connection, over time, is enlivened within you. That integration of life, the depth with the surface, is called spiritual evolution.

    Everything hints of the connections… the integration. That is called life. Over time, those connections come to be known from within. All the pieces of the puzzle come together. An artful approach accelerates the process.

  11. Gail,
    The trinity is embodied in every word, yet each from its own unique angle. The purer the language, the more accessible the connection. Yet everything is ‘It’. That is called Unity. Every point in creation.
    I was saying to Pandiji that it would be good to take every syllable and identify its angle of connection to Oneness. The dynamics of creation is everywhere, at every point. Yes??
    (This leads to the notions of linear and non-linear. Abstract and sequential. Sequential is just a special case of abstract. But this would merit more explanation than in a blog or blog comment. In the state of unity, such connections are spontaneous, simple, natural.)

  12. Beautiful Blog, I always love it when Dr. Mamas talks about sanskrit, language, and meaning. It always feels right and makes sense at the same time, taking me deeper inside myself. From Mahalakshmi to Rama, to Akasha and on and on…

  13. Yes, thank you for reminding me that Unity is at every point of creation.

  14. These Vedic Knowledge Blogs are awesome!

  15. Beautiful. Brings back memories of the talk you gave about Rishis, Devatas, and Chandas in CA class. But I’m not sure I understand the difference between “ka” and “sha” here. I always thought the interacting dynamic is happening instantaneously. So how is “ka” different from “sha” then? Is it the perceived time lag that creates the fullness of the gap?

  16. Thank you for your response to the comments. I think it really furthers the teaching.

  17. Most excellent ?

  18. It also changes our lives in that we can ponder how sound – or anything else – impacts the akash. Years ago my sister told me to stop cursing because it hurt the environment with negative vibrations. I think what she meant, although she probably did not know it, was that it disturbed the akash.

  19. This knowledge is so beautiful.