Angle of View is Everything… But Then  Again?

lingaEveryone views the Absolute from a different angle. That is why even the enlightened disagree, not to mention the unenlightened.
Truth is a diamond with many facets defined by edges and boundaries.

View the facet of your choice clearly… or through a looking glass, a fog, a haze, an echo, slightly, dimly..

Each facet, complete with edges and boundaries, is a viewpoint upon Truth.
Yet where Truth dwells, within the diamond, there are no edges, no boundaries.
Is that so difficult to comprehend?
Apparently so.

Humanity, through the ages has sought a facet that would define the diamond, would define Truth.
It does not exist.

Every culture.
Every generation.
Every paradigm.
They all attempt to define the undefinable… and decide they finally found the answer.
All the while, the wheel of life goes ‘round and ‘round in search of that one facet that defines what lies beyond all facets.

Here and there, along the way, one soul or another finally gets off the wheel, sees beyond the wheel.
Then by all of humanity, they are mocked. Yet they forge on calling out, “Please, listen! There is no need for all the suffering and foolishness. Just look beyond the horizon.”
Yet throughout the ages…. Christ, Buddha, Krishna, on and on they call out…
Yet few listen. And even fewer can hear.

© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.


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  2. I think this is why experiential learning is so important. Via experiential learning, you can experience what it feels like to be around someone that does not have edges. You can feel it and then describe it verbally before you even know what it (the edge-less-ness) really is. So that is a start. And it is a start that does not depend on age or culture or religion or intellectual understanding or formal training in the Vedas or anything else. And then if you are curious about that strange experience of edge-less-ness, it leads to more learning.

  3. Thank you.
    This is so important.

  4. Lovely. Passing on Jai Ram! for this special day….

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  8. I don’t know why..I dont care why I just love this..truly love this
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  9. Great blog as usual.

  10. Unfathomable boundlessness – misunderstood beauty!

  11. It is fascinating how confused we get, how lost, when directional signs from the wise are out there. Maya is so alluring. It sucks us right in. Thanks- the analogy of a diamond really works.

  12. It has been said that the most evolutionary thing one can do is to live in the presence of the enlightened. Of course, who and what some think enlightened people are like is another matter… and unfortunately usually based upon conditioning.