Another Mayan Calendar Discovered

skyThanks to E.K. for the following link.

As many experts have said, and as I have discussed in some of my talks, the Mayan calendar does not end in December 2012.  The calendar is a cycle, like the hands of your watch, going round and round, over and over again.  December 2012 marks the transition to another cycle.

The Age of Enlightenment will blossom, just as certainly as the sun will rise again. And just as we can predict when the sun will rise, we can foresee the larger cycles of time as the Mayans pointed out.

Our work is to bring forth the transition as smoothly as possible.  In so doing, you will help more people than you may even be able to imagine.  Just as one little light bulb can illuminate an entire room, it is within our capability to prevent major events that will, if left unchecked, unleash unimaginable havoc.

Vedic Knowledge provides us with the technology to foresee and adjust the future.

We can usher in the Enlightened Age through the portal of world peace and abundance for all humanity.  My lectures have revealed the rationality underlying the method.  To understand and believe this is one thing.  To act on it is quite another.

Live your life, so that, at the end of your life, you do not lament over what might have been, but instead, rejoice over what was.  Life should not be lived on the sidelines.  You have great knowledge.  Act upon it.

Think big.  Your domain is the universe.

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  1. I felt a huge shift happen 10/28/2011, noticing things happneing/shifting for two weeks prior leading to that day. On that day as well as since, it has felt like the whole foundation of existence became positive. I would think that there will be many such shifts as we move more into this age of enlightenment, rather than one big bang. Wouldn’t it be wiser to ready one’s self for being in the age of enlightenment than to worry about when it will happen, using information such as the Mayan calendar stuff, as confirmation or motivation of sorts to keep focused in that direction?

  2. One readies one’s self best by helping the world attain a gentle transition.

  3. My only wish is that millions more will hear you and become as inspired as I am.I am very blessed to have positioned myself in a place where I can help many..gently..become aware of the knowledge available through you.This blog is what I needed today on many levels.
    A little fuel for the soul and the intellect on this beautiful Friday!
    Thank you