Another Way of Knowing

Another Way of Knowing, by Michael just published another one of my articles. It begins:

“An ancient Seer sits in his cave atop a mountain. From deep within his being where he is one with everything, the subtle impulses underlying all of life flow through him and out his vocal cords.

“The ancient Seers awoke to that one Transcendental thing that is the source of everything, the source of their souls, which then allowed the song that it sings to emerge pure and unfettered from within them. The ancients called this “cognition”—the highest, yet most elusive, form of knowing”…

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"Another Way of Knowing"

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  1. Interesting! Read that twice!

  2. Thank you for the article. I like how you put cognition into the context of other more common ways of knowing.

  3. I read it twice…I like how it makes me feel…it touches something deep inside…

  4. Excellent article that illustrates the dance of inner knowledge and outer. I’ve heard that in the 1960’s, India had a genuine guru/seer join their nuclear program. Even though he didn’t know a thing about nuclear physics, he is credited with saving them years in developing fission.