Arjuna to Lord Krishna

field“You are more me than I am me.”  

To understand anything is to understand everything.  Upon awakening to the depth of your being, you awaken to the depth of all beings… of all that is.

Imagine a reed swaying in the wind.  The root is grounded in Truth… in Mother Earth.  The reed sways in the winds of karma.  The enlightened do not look to the winds for Truth. The winds are known to be merely the playground of life.  Such a life is a life of Freedom.   Looking to the winds for Truth is a life of bondage.  To act in the domain of the winds of karma while not losing your connection to the Mother is called dharma.  Such action is poetry.

The true teachers play in the winds of a karma serves as the guide to Truth.  It works better and better as the student sees more and more the beauty within the movement of such a life.  Do not ask the teacher to provide Truth.  Truth is only found within you… through you.  The teacher embodies Truth and thereby points the way toward Truth for those willing to listen, to watch, and to learn.

Truth lies just beyond the horizon of the winds of karma… untouched and untamed by those winds.

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  1. Beautiful-it hit ‘the spot’ for me of under-standing something differently.
    Karma is my teacher – fight your karma with all your might – the guru is my teacher – sometimes wrestle with what the teacher says – all together in the river of life.

  2. Thank you Brahmarshi, I think lately I have been looking to the winds for answers and only being discontented. These concepts are so beautiful and simple, yet somehow complex enough to easily lose grasp on. I am so incredibly thankful for the knowledge you have lead me to. You are a true teacher.

  3. Wow, what a nice blog! I think I will read this one again—a couple more 100 times.

  4. Beautiful…and very timely. Curious… Why did you use “…connection to the Mother” here …? I’m sensing more poetry in an explanation of “Mother” perhaps…

  5. “The true teachers play in the winds of a karma serves as the guide to Truth.”
    I didn’t even understand this statement the first time I read it, and now it is the most beautiful statement in the blog to me….. Thank you