Bhagavad Gita, Verse 4.25

Some yogis perform yagya merely by worshipping the gods,
others by offering the yagya itself into the fire that is Brahman.


This is not a deliberate act… it is the natural result of a level of consciousness… ‘offering…into the fire’ is figurative. In the state of enlightenment, everything is ‘offered into the fire’… every thought, every act, every moment.



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  1. Spontaneous Devotion!

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  3. This resonates very deeply…

  4. What a beautiful way to be…

  5. When I read blogs my Michael Mamas, I get a glimpse into how elegant and beautiful the universe really is.

  6. I found this very interesting. Again one those blogs that can be read over and over as you feel into it.

  7. Thanks for clarifying the topic of worship.

  8. Being one with the ‘Divinity of God-Consciousness’ Precious, beyond compare.

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    Things can be understood on so many levels

  10. I love this, “…everything ‘is offered into the fire’…”

    Jai Siva Sankara