During the Kumbhabhishekam celebration I was surprised and greatly humbled to be given the title of Brahmarshi (alternate spelling “Brahmarishi)”.


I had no idea this was going to happen until I was informed only a couple of days prior.  I have respect beyond words for the priests and pandits of India who have given this to me.  I will do my utmost to uphold the Vedic Holy Tradition.


A Rishi is a seer…. one who sees the truth of life, the foundation of existence and the mechanics of its manifestation in life.


A Maharishi is a great seer… one with the gift of being able to reveal that knowledge to others.  This of course transcends simple intellectual understanding. It is to cultivate a physiology that embodies the Knowledge.


A Brahmarishi is a Maharishi who furthermore has a Brahman nervous system, i.e. a physiology the nature of which is to be with the Knowledge of Veda.  I am humbled.


The full title I was given is Brahmarshi Maheshananda.  I will only use that on formal occasions.  Mahesh is a name of Lord Shiva.  Ananda means bliss.  The Maheshananda means bliss of Lord Shiva, or one who is loved by Shiva.  I am speechless and, again, deeply humbled.


I am a simple man.  I never had any aspiration for titles or recognition.  My sole purpose has been to help people… to give Knowledge to others, to purify in the tradition of Adi Shankara current understanding of eternal wisdom.  It is out of deep respect for the tradition that I humbly embrace the title.


All here at Mount Soma are slowly getting accustomed to addressing me as Brahmarshi.  I can assure you that it is more of an adjustment for me than anyone else.

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  1. Brahmarishi I am happy that you have received this title. I can only speak from my limited mind, but I know you are the greatest teacher that I have had the good fortune to meet.

  2. Brahmarishi I am so with Clif on this. When I think of the challenges in my life I think of the grace of God who brought You to me as Teacher and nothing I have gone through seems so debilitating. If I have never caught on to your lectures as I should have, you brought me to my self which is all the Grace I could have ever dreamed. Humble thanks and Jai Guru Dev.

  3. How wonderful! It is gratifying that the rest of the world is waking up to the fact that we have a Brahmarshi Maheshananda actively teaching here in the U.S. May the Knowledge grow and grow and grow…

  4. Only twice in my life I knew that the direction I was about to change that very moment was exactly right for my journey through life.I did not understand at that time how it was so clear and so deeply felt however it did not matter..I was sure.My first time to hear you speak in San Fransisco Brahmarishi,was the third time in my 51 years of life when I knew something to the depths of my being.It was a greater prize than I ever could have imagined for listening to my “gut”.I have found my teacher and guide and finally my second point for the rest of this life.
    Thank You again for what you do.

  5. Brahmarishi Maheshananda, it is an incredible honor to be the student of such a great man.

  6. Brahmarshiji, Though I feel it most imperfectly, certainly the awareness of the miraculous about you has been present
    since I met you and has grown over the years. All blessings to you and your work!

  7. Jai Shiva Shankara.

  8. Warm regards Brahmarshi. A certain thrill went through me as I was reading your blog announcing your recognition and new title. It was as though joy was in the air. I feel most fortunate to know you, your teaching and your community and look forward to being at Mt. Soma for the summer retreat.

  9. Brahmarshi: My search for a teacher began when a young child because, although well intended, the spiritual teachers and teachings of my day felt off…like a finger nail going across a blackboard. An affront to the innocence and purity of devotion I knew I carried within me and which I lost (or thought I did).

    And then one day after an active fifty or so year search of, (including Zen, “ashrams”, as much New Age stuff as one could possibly imagine etc etc) I walked into your classroom and I knew I had found home. The feeling was deep and undeniable. I remember weeping uncontrollably. Now it is eleven years later and I continue to love both the Knowledge you convey as well as how you convey it. I shall forever be grateful to You and to your Teachers through time.

  10. “Invincibility is irreversibly established in the world.”
    Now I know why he said that. 😉
    Thank you Brahmarshi Maheshananda a.k.a. World Teacher