Contradictions and the Veda Revisited

2 Boxes or Three?

This diagram can be viewed in two different ways… either as two boxes or three. Yet the diagram has not changed. The Veda is structured the same way. The apparent contradictions are resolved through deeper understanding and insight. To argue which perspective (two boxes or three) is to misunderstand the structure of the Veda, the structure of existence. Of course, being the underlying dynamic of all existence, the structure of Veda is far more profound than that of this simple diagram. Yet the diagram illustrates the principle. Yantras are geometric representation of the structure of Veda. All yantras are one. In that sense, there is only one yantra, only one God. So it can be said that all the various yantras are contained in the Shri Yantra, just as the simple diagram contains both two boxes and three.

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  1. As worldly creatures, reading the Veda is done through relative existence, through the eyes and mind (the result of karma and prana). Therefore, it is not the Veda but only an approach to it. And that is fine. As has been said, you can not kill the tiger of a dream with a real gun. What is needed is the gun of a dream.

    The Veda lies beyond study, reading, and memorization of Vedic texts, though those things are of course excellent as they point in the direction of Veda which dwells in the transcendental depth of our being… beyond relativity… beyond texts… beyond mind. In that sense, Apauruseya becomes Pauruseya, the moment we think.

  2. Thank you for expressing these insights so clearly.

  3. The lessons on what is seemingly paradoxes are of great help in navigating life. I seem to gain humility as I read them.

  4. A wonderful blog!
    “Apauruseya becomes pauruseya, the moment we think.” My question is on the thinking part. Do we really think or the thoughts come to us?

  5. This is such a beautiful metaphor. Thank you for sharing it again, anew.

  6. Rayshan,
    Those are really the same thing. It depends upon how you view it. Two boxes or three at work! Another good example.

  7. Wow! This blog is a condensed prescription for world peace.

  8. Its fulfilling to feel some of the apparent contradiction start to get settled or at peace, co-existing, inside me.