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Note: This blog post is from Dave Ehmke.

Within the 12 signs of the zodiac there a number of powerful points (Bindu points). The transition from water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) to fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) are such points. When a planet is in the last few degrees of a water sign or the first few degrees of a fire sign, it is considered Gandanta, which refers to "a knot at the end" and is known as "a drowning point".

During the past month, Saturn has been very strong (stationary on August 25) and at the end of Scorpio, while Rahu and Ketu transited from Leo and Aquarius to Cancer and Capricorn. So all of these slow moving malefics were Gandanta. Also, the solar eclipse on August 21 took place at 5 degrees of Leo, which significantly affected the Gandanta point between Leo and Cancer. Since the eclipse, and during this time of drowning, we have seen an incredible amount of powerful hurricanes directly affecting the U.S. (where the eclipse was visible).

The transit of Saturn through the final degrees of Scorpio is especially fascinating. Some say that of the 3 Gandanta points, this is the most challenging and powerful. This spot is signified by the tip of Sagittarius’s bow and the tip of Scorpio’s tail, and is considered poisonous. To make the whole thing even more fascinating, the center of the Galaxy is located at this point.

As you can see on this picture, the tip of Sagittarius’ bow (the most inward star of the teapot) and the tip of Scorpio’s tail point directly at the Galactic Center. Some say that this is a point of intense transformation, moving the inner soul towards merging with universal consciousness.

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  1. Beautiful. Thanks Dave!

  2. Is this wrapping up right now? Today was very hard for me. I was surprised by it. The stress has quietly been building up the last 2-3 days… sneaking up on me. I thought it was over! Argh!

  3. What a lovely explanation of the current astrologic forecast and how it ties into Earth events.
    Looking forward to more of Dave’s posts!

  4. Great blog!

  5. Thank you. This is fascinating.

  6. And poor Saturn just got crashed into a few days ago, though it was well planned.

    Thank you for the insights Dave. Guess it’s a good time to be in Retreat as opposed to retreat.

  7. Fascinating thank you Dave and Dr. Mamas.

  8. Hi Maura,

    Yes, the difficult Jyotish seems to go on and on… Another challenging component has been the faster moving planets moving through the Cancer/Leo Gandanta point, and the eclipse point of about 5 degrees of Leo. Yesterday and today Venus is moving through 5 degrees of Leo, and no surprise to see another powerful hurricane brewing in the Atlantic. I’m sure many of us are feeling this karma inside as well.

    During September Mars, Mercury and now Venus have all traveled through this supercharged point. Fortunately, this is the last of these transits for some time. I do think things will get better off the next week or so (good timing for Mother Divine). However, October will have some difficult Jyotish as well, with Saturn transiting from Scorpio to Sagittarius at the end of October. We are already feeling this transit but I expect it to intensify from mid October through mid November.

  9. So I literally just finished writing that comment, walked outside, bent over to pick something up, and rolled my ankle. Minor sprain but somehow fitting…

  10. Thanks Dave. Take care.

  11. Cool to see this written out. Thanks Dave! I’d love to see more blogs from you!

  12. Great job Dave. I would love to see your Jyotish posts become a regular part of the blogs. Well done!

  13. Agreed!!

  14. Thanks for the encouragement everybody! I will be happy to write more blogs 🙂

  15. Dave, I would enjoy seeing more of your Jyotish blogs also. I would be interested in you explaining more how it will intensify from mid-Oct through mid-November.

    Jai Shiva Sankara

  16. Awesome blog! It would truly be great to see Dave posting more of these.

  17. Correction – Hi Everyone, I realized that it is not accurate to classify Ketu as Gandanda. Saturn is Gandanta at the end of Scorpio and and Rahu is Gandanta at the beginning of Cancer, but Ketu is not Gandanta at the beginning of Aquarius. I guess I tend to lump Rahu and Ketu into the same box, which is not always accurate.