Curse of the Snake

snakeIn response to the previous blog, Sarah asked, “How does one know if one carries the curse of the snake?”

Right off we need to address the phrase, “curse of the snake,” which no doubt for some people (particularly westerners I suspect) has the feeling of a grade B movie about vampires or some such thing.  Instead, we need to remember the principle of mapping.  The idea that every operator permeates all levels and aspects of existence just as mathematics permeates all of existence.  The different ‘operators’ of math are things like addition, multiplication, division, etc.  The operators that permeate existence can be referred to as the Gods, each having their own unique nature.

The quality of one such operator is that of the serpent or snake.  To understand an operator, you can begin with how it feels.  Firstly, the idea of a snake has a powerful effect on the psyche.  Some are enchanted.  Some are terrified.  In every case, the feeling is powerful because the operator is a powerful one.  We also know that it is an operator that must be handled with great care and respect.  If not done, the snake may bite.  If not done, the medical (crest) error may cause great problems.  If not done, the powerful practice of kundalini yoga can create terrible damage.  The serpent power is not to be employed with a cavalier attitude.  If you are just innocent about it, this is all intuitively obvious.

So the serpent power has a very positive aspect.  Yet the undesirable quality the word ‘curse’ elicits is intuitively there also.  How do you know the nature of that quality? That is easy.  You FEEL it. How do you know if there is imbalance with respect to the serpent operator?  You feel it.

Now admittedly, when you enter the arena of feeling, your biases, fears and other distortions easily overtake your perceptions.  Then enters the age-old question: Are you experiencing perception or projection.  That we have discussed in great length many times.  You could even say that striving to perceive accurately, when done wisely, is in and of itself the entire path of human evolution.  Again proper meditation and wise, reflective (admitted redundancy here feels necessary) discernment are you greatest tools.

The way to determine if there is imbalance with respect to the serpent operator (in other words, if there is ‘the curse of the snake’) is to feel it.  Otherwise, at least one of the list of signs provided below could apply to everyone.  Yet the list is valuable if it is wisely used to assist you in getting a feeling for that arena.

Now, take what is said here in a limited sense and you learn a bit about the serpent operator.  Generalize these principles however, and you have the path to enlightenment in a nutshell.

Pandit Prasad and Lakshmi offered the following additional information regarding the Curse of the Snake question:

If a person has the curse of the snake, there is a problem with the kundalini energy.  These are some signs:

  • Marital problems
  • Problems getting married
  • Having all girls and no boys
  • Long-standing unresolved problems
  • Negative thinking and problems interacting with people to the point that most interactions are negative or give a negative result
  • Hearing problems from birth
  • Skin diseases (psoriasis, etc.)
  • Intestinal problems

If all the planets in the Vedic birth chart are between Rahu and Ketu (Kalasarpa Dosha) when going clockwise, that is another sign of the curse of the snake.

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  1. It was amazing how strong my reaction was to the photo of the snake. I literally had to rush through my reading of the first part of the blog in order to scroll down far enough to not see the snake and focus on what was being said in the blog. To describe it as a negative feeling does not capture the feeling of fear and dread that I felt through out my body looking at the snake. I do not know exactly how to put this all together with the content of the blog, but the feeling was certainly striking.

  2. I find snakes fascinating and powerful. As I walked through the deep ivy outside last week I communicated with any snakes that might be in my path that, as always, we have a harmonious, respectful relationship and no harm shall come to either of us.

    Then I read the list, and identified with 5 out of the 9 signs!!!! Was I just projecting before, and were you sending me a sign that I am keeping the serpent at bay?

  3. Besides meditating what can one do to alleviate the effects?

  4. I anticipated such responses [and others] to this blog. The serpent is a powerful influence as your responses show. As I have said many times, life is all about your “relationship with …..”.

    There is a great deal here for you to explore. Yes? This will be a good topic for class. Not all can be covered in a blog. Yet all your comments have been addressed in the blog. You may want to read it again, reflect, and then again. Also, in class we can discuss it more.