December 8: Time Correction

Regarding the previous blog about December 8, the time is actually 4:30 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. Asheville, NC time.

On that day, morning meditation at Mount Soma will begin at 4:30 a.m. and will be two rounds. All who practice Surya Ram Meditation are welcome to attend.

Note: Several have asked to attend the ceremony in the temple. Panditji made it clear that this would not work. It is like an arrow, the tip should be at one point. Multiple points blunt the tip. However, what is important is to be part of the arrowhead. All are welcome to join in by meditating while the group is meditating, wherever you are in the world.



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  1. So glad to be a part of that arrow. So fortunate to have Maharshi as our tip, and so lucky to be at the right place at the time, with right Master, and right Knowledge. Let us soar together…

    Jai Guru Dev

  2. Thank you for reminding us that our strength together is greater than we feel individually. We are indeed moving forward. It’s nice every once and a while to look back and take a glimpse of how far we’ve come, what we’re creating together. Thank you for empowering us…

  3. Should we, in the rest of the world, meditate for the entire 1.5 hours?

  4. I, too, am glad to be part of the arrowhead, and am looking forward to meditating with everyone at that time. I am also curious about what December 8 at that time will feel like. It seems like a nodal point.

  5. I will be doing my part on the West Coast!
    Thank you for the update Brahmarshi

  6. Claudi,
    You can indeed meditate for that entire time if you would like. You can break it up into to rounds/sessions if you would like… just be sure to rest after each round and come out slowly…

  7. Does geographical location matter for this very auspicious event… Mount Soma, Europe, West Coast?

    I’ve often wondered how the geographical variable is weighted and when it matters more or less.

    I would love to hear your wisdom on this!

  8. I find the more I meditate regularly the more I rest into that place within me that is eternal even though I once was afraid I would never experience that. It turns out it was there all along however it does not look/feel at all like my preconceived notions of what, where or how. It just is.

    I too am looking forward to the Dec. 8th special moment and meditation and you can be sure I will join you.

    I miss you all.

    Thank you,

  9. I will also be meditating on this auspicious occasion! If it is appropriate a email reminder wouldn’t hurt for those that might have missed the blog.

    Jai Guru Dev

  10. Proximity,
    It is best to physically meditate with the group. However, it would also be very good to meditate simultaneously with the group wherever you are in the world.

  11. Is there a particular mantra for this time, or should I continue with my daily Ram meditation to rest into? I appreciate very much that you have expressed the opportunity to us wherever in the world we are. Even Massachusetts can seem so far away, but it is lovely to be able to feel a togetherness at an auspicious time such as this. I am looking forward to joining in,
    Thank you.

  12. Yes! Finally a good excuse to stay up here in the west coast

  13. Hi Erik,
    Use your standard mantra.

  14. I now have a fever, so I have to meditate from Nandiland. 🙁 I will miss physically being with the group, and will be starting at 430 a.m. I am setting my alarm right now. Thank you Brahmarshi and Punditji, the ashram, residents and all of our wonderful group. I am feeling intensely the Bhagavad Gita at this time…

    Jai Guru Dev.