Difficult Jyotish Times are Improving

Difficult Jyotish Times | Michael MamasOver the past months, Jupiter with Rahu in Leo has been causing difficulties for many people and the world at large. Jupiter will finally leave Leo August 12 which should give relief to those difficult times.

Saturn and Mars together in scorpio has also been a problem. Mars finally leaves Scorpio the end of September which should also offer some relief to the difficult times.

Then the end of January, Saturn leaves Scorpio when things will for many of us get better still and will be a time of much smoother sailing.

This is has been a time when patience is needed. It has not been a good time to make major decisions though many of us have felt the need to do so. Take it easy. Better times are coming. When the skies clear, we will all be able to see with a clearer sight of the horizon.

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  1. I love Joytish, the perspective it offers helps to deal more easily with the weather of life. Thank you!

  2. Thank you!!!

  3. Thank you, Michael! I have been feeling that my patience has been being tested. (For years it seems! ?) It’s good to know that the stressful situations may be easing up a bit.

  4. Thank you. I love the encouragement, reassurance, and comfort that is conveyed. It amazes me just how powerful the operators are. The study of Jyotish is facinating, and simply understanding that the influences are quite real and powerful helps in dealing with them. It calls me to center my self and firmly anchor in the transcendent. The hurricane outside is of no consequence. Thank you for your teachings and your gifts to the world. We are eternally grateful, and are forever in your debt. Jai Guru Dev!

  5. This has been so useful in understanding recent times personally !

  6. Thank you so much …this helps me having some perspective about some recent challenges, and it is truly comforting to know that smoother sailing is around the corner.

  7. Thank you for the update. Having a sense of what the jyotish is makes navigating challenging times a bit easier.

  8. Thanks for astrological info on some relief coming soon. I appreciate the support and am adding many blessings for Michael and this post

  9. It was a perfect time to do class and the retreat! It felt so good to rest into the transcendence and let everything else go. The retreat had a real sweet feel to it this year and time spent with you is always a leap forward in my evolution. Jai Guru Dev

  10. Oh how I look forward to this! Thank you for sharing this information.

  11. Thank you for the encouragement. It will be delightful to have these jyotish conjunctions completed.

  12. Thank you. Very comforting.