sri maLast night was the first night of the 5 days of Diwali.  It was the Goddess Lakshmi’s birthday.

I have spoken at length about principles such as mapping, Unified Field Technology, etc.  It is a gift beyond words that our Sri Somesvara Temple gives us the opportunity to experience the validity of the sublime mechanics of creation first hand.

In a word, the ‘technology’ of the temple works.  For most people, it is not something experienced as a tangible reality… at least not with one or two pujas. Those first few times, it is more of an unfamiliar, awkward experience as you may be more concerned about knowing what to  do next in the ceremony than anything else.

Even after you become comfortable with it all, and rest with the profundity of what you are witnessing, there is still much more.

These ceremonies enliven the fine fabric of the underlying essence of life…. the fabric of existence.  Particularly those who meditate and touch into that level regularly can feel the long term effects of that within themselves. It is a remarkable experience.  It is more and more fully experienced as one lives in such an environment and rests into the support and ongoing presence of that enlivened space.

You may liken it to a child and what they feel in their heart and soul when mother is at home.  What words go along with that? Safety, security, support, love, peace, serenity, strength, happiness… there is no limit.  It is not a mood that I am speaking of here any more than having air to breath is a mood.  No more than the difference between a lush garden and a barren wasteland is a mood.    It is a human need, just as air and food are human needs.

Yesterday, I announced the Maheshananda World Peace Project [MWPP].  It has one purpose… to bring global fulfillment to that most fundamental need for all humanity and the world.

I had not planned to announce it on the first day of Diwali.  It just naturally unfolded that way.  Just as one does not plan to breath, it just happened simply, spontaneously, innocently, and naturally on that day.  As naturally as breathing out and breathing in.

Pandit Prasad, his wife, Lakshmi, and I, will be organizing and overseeing this project together.  They will be going to India soon and will begin the groundwork for the project while there.  I expect to follow shortly after.  This project is fundamental to my life’s purpose.  After all, if the means are there to relieve the world of suffering (and those means are there), then how can I do anything with my life other than find those means and bring them forth.

I have often cried for the world.  It is my joy that we have arrived at this point in our journey where we can, through Unified Field Technology, bring suffering to an end. Miracles will soon happen for the well-being of all humanity.

More details will be coming out very soon regarding the MWPP.  I invite you to become a part of it.

In gratitude to the Holy Traditions of Masters who have upheld this knowledge throughout the ages.




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  1. I am in deep gratitude for all that You, Brahmarshi, has done/is doing for all of us.

    With the depth of your sensitivity and feeling it must be difficult to feel all that is transpiring in the world.

    I also thank everyone in the program who is dedicated to this mission. I am in deep gratitude and cannot say thank you enough for everyone who has helped along the way.

    Happy Divali! Jai Guru Dev.

  2. Your quote: “There is a candle that once lit, glows in your heart eternally. Lean in the direction that it lights. Stay committed to that”.

    With you, and all you have envisioned, Mt Soma, Sri Somesvra, MWPP and so much more, everything is possible.

    Jai Śiva Śaṅkara

  3. The MWPP sounds like the step we have been preparing for, for over a decade. Thank you for your vision, perserverence, and clarity.

  4. When I opened my eyes the very first time this life, I knew I had, in some unknown way, a responsibility towards the well being of mankind. Although that may seem far fetched, I have held this in my heart my entire life.

    How good it is to know of your MWPP and to support it in every way I can.

    Thank you,