Evolved State of Physiology


What does it mean to always be thinking of God?  In the highest sense, it is an aspect of a state of physiology.  To force yourself to always be thinking of God  would be a more superficial level. The state of physiology I am referring to here is the normal and natural state of a healthy physiology, cultivated over time through meditation and proper environment.

‘Always thinking of God’ is not based upon a mental state at all.  It is rooted in something deeper, namely, wakefulness to what naturally lies within, i.e. your own being.  It is Sat Chit Ananda… eternal bliss consciousness.  To witness the cultivation of that state in others is most fulfilling. The following quote speaks beautifully of the cultivation of that state of consciousness:

“When your mind is mainly engaged in God you shall receive his grace,
God is all-powerful.
Even a little of His grace is capable of bestowing on the ego all that is good in its entirety.
The declaration of the Lord that is proved by the scriptures is this;
“Whosoever thinks of Me with one-pointed devotion, I shall conduct his necessary work also”.
The experience of the bhaktis also goes to prove the declaration of the Lord.
Accumulate wealth (artha), but in such a way that is not against transcendental wealth (param-artha).
That which hinders transcendental wealth and results in accumulation in sin is not wealth but a burden, a debt (anartha).”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~– Swami Brahmananda Saraswati

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  1. Beautiful. Would you recommend other writings from Swami Brahmananda Saraswati? I look forward to being back at Mt. Soma!

  2. I was reading that bhakti within the western mind frame is easily misunderstood. Is it that we get too caught up in the thinking and questioning of the state ( I suppose rationalizing it) that we neglect the true aspect of being?

  3. This blog makes me reflect on the process of being at Mount Soma. We certainly do not sit around thinking about God all day, but at the same time it does feel like His presence is growing. Growing at Mount Soma, growing inside the people here, growing from all sides in all directions. I feel very blessed to be here.

    Jain Guru Dev!

    Jason, I am looking forward to your being back at Mount Soma as well. I think we all are:)

  4. Aaah.

    Jai Shiva Sankara

  5. Eddie,
    True Bhakti lies deeper than emotions. It is born of a state of consciousness. It is not a mood or emotion. You may become emotional about it, but it lies deeper than emotions. I once told a group to aspire to that which lies deeper than thoughts and emotions. Someone put up their hand and ask, “Well, what else is there?” I, so saddened by such a question, responded, “What lies beyond thoughts and emotions is the grandeur of your being… the best of who and what you are.” This is the domain of true bhakti(and true gyana for that matter).

  6. Jason,
    Such quotes are not readily available. I wil post more as time goes by.

  7. Dave,
    Beautiful. However, I prefer to think that you do not just sit around all day! 🙂
    Don’t worry, I know that is not what you meant, but just needed to point that out.
    With my love,

  8. Aahhh the the joys of the ashram 🙂

  9. …and proper environment. YES!

  10. The “one pointed devotion” cascaded right out. I feel so much joy when I remember how I loved God as a child. Sady, it was a very detached love, but it was very pure, very devoted, very innocent and very trusting. What you wrote is so very beautiful. Jaia Guru Dev.