Fall Leaves

When watching an autumn leaf tumble, it’s easy enough to know that it will eventually make its way back to Mother Earth. A breeze may catch it, sending it swirling away, but you know in time, it will rest upon the ground. It’s simply gravity.

Now imagine expanding that process, not over a matter of minutes, but over millennia. Suddenly, the principle of gravity is not so easily identified. Everything is gravitating back to Oneness, the unified field, God, but the process takes time and the path swirls like the leaves. If you are on a path that facilitates your evolution, your return to God, progress still swirls in the breeze. For that reason, it’s not so easy to know what is evolutionary and what is not.

The Veda provides us with guidelines to facilitate our evolution. Certainly, following those guidelines hastens the process—the journey back to God, to home, to fulfillment, to joy, health, and happiness. But how easy it is to lose sight of this nature of life in a world filled with swirling winds! The trick is to keep a steady hand on the rudder, not be distracted by the winds of life, and stay one-pointedly committed to the purpose of life: the expansion of life as you continue on the journey home.

Fall Leaves

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  1. “… it’s not so easy to know what is evolutionary and what is not.” That is why we are blessed to have Michael Mamas as our guru to help keep us on the most fruitful path. His teaching skills are unmatched with expert guidance for all who wish.

  2. Could you say a little more about your last line, ” stay one-pointedly committed to the purpose of life: the expansion of life as you continue on the journey home”? Do you mean becoming one with all that is?

  3. Thank you this is a great reminder. The path between where I am now, a God may not be a straight line as the human mind understand it.

  4. Very timely, thank you! I love your explanation about gravity not being easily identified if spread out over millennia. That really makes a lot of sense and made it very palpable to me.

  5. Denise,
    Yes. And it can be said many different ways: Self actualization, Self realization, Becoming one with all that is, Enlightenment, expansion of consciousness, etc.

  6. You have always said to keep a steady hand on the rudder and that has been such a great thing for me. When I stay focused on the purpose and meaning of my life everything is SO much better. When I falter and give in to the swirls of gravity I tumble and tumble until I remember your words and then I find myself again. Such a relief!

  7. Beautifully written! Thank you for expanding the analogy of the leaf in the breeze into the big picture where time can barely capture what is in fact occurring. I am so grateful that you have given us the Surya Ram meditation and this blog as a tools to stay on track.

  8. The Surya Ram meditation, your guidance, and Mount Soma are the keys to my evolution. The Meditation Retreats help me access a depth, within, that is so precious. Thank you for your dedication to humanity and our evolution.

  9. I am hooked on the idea of going home. It’s exciting! Yet, I also noticed that my mind does get distracted at times. Thanks for the remainder.

  10. Inspiring!

  11. What a simple and beautiful explanation! Thank you!

  12. Wow. Thank you.

  13. reminds me of the older quotes along the lines of: your enlightenment is inevitable; it’s a slam dunk.