JasuI believe it was Kahlil Gibran that compared a healthy relationship to two strings on a lute. Each vibrates independently to their own tuning, yet they harmonize with one another.

A healthy family is like the strings on a lute… everyone is fully supportive of one another. Yet each lives his own life. Family members do their best to guide each other along a healthy path, yet they do not smother each other.

I do not know how it was accomplished. It is an exquisite blend of unique and often strong personalities that magically crystallized into a wonderful family. I would like to honor Jasumatiben Kantibhai Patel for her very special place in that formula. She passed quite appropriately on Mahashivaratri… at the same time aarthi was being performed at the Sri Somesvara temple here at Mount Soma. She will be greatly missed. She is in a Divine place now, with the Gods.

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  1. Thank you for your moving tribute. She brought a special light to our community and will truly be missed.

  2. I will always remember her and some of her family members as they were sitting on the steps singing during the temple consecration. My condolences to her family.

  3. I’ll always remember Jasu. I got to know her during the preparations for the consecration of Sri Somesvara Temple and enjoyed her company on numerous visits. Her singing was exquisitely devotional. Her physical presence will be missed here. The radiance of her soul is felt at Mount Soma and lives on in this community and others that knew her.

  4. A lovely woman and pillar in a dear, respected family! May the depth of peace within support all in times like this.

  5. What a beautiful spirit! I loved her smile and loving soul. Such an inspiration to keep in my heart. Love to all ~

  6. My condolences. Thank you for the beautiful tribute.

  7. Jasu’s presence in the temple was that of a radiant light casting its glow on everyone in her vicinity. She is my idea of grace, beauty and kindness. I will remember her singing, smiling and laughing.
    Blessings to her and her family.

  8. I also met Jasu for the first time at the temple consecration and then during subsequent visits at Mt Soma. Even though we didn’t exchange many words, the purity of her heart was so palpable every time I met her it touched me deeply. May her light be radiating on wherever she will go from here!

  9. Yes, I can remember the first time(s) I saw Jasu, during the Sri Somesvara Kumbabhishekam. What a beautiful soul. She had a peaceful but powerful presence to her. An eternal feeling… I strongly felt I had seen her before, and I look forward to the next time our paths cross…

    Oh, and to hear her sing in the Temple was a joy to my heart.

  10. Mount Soma provided spiritual and devotional environment so Jasuben could reinforce and rejuvenate her spiritual believes and faith. Many souls like her receive spiritual guidance and support from Mount Soma.
    Many thanks to Sri Brahmarishi and dedicated people of Mount Soma for the prayers and kind words.

  11. This unforgettable lady quietly lit up our lives with her smile and sincerity. I can feel her presence still. Whenever I think of her, I smile. And I always will.

  12. What an exquisitely divine Mother and beautiful tribute from all of you. I believe I only passed by her once, one day, but such a sweet and regal impression she made on me…

  13. Jasu was a great woman, dedicated to God. I could always feel the power of her presence. I still do, whenever I think of her.

  14. I met her at the temple consecration, never knew her name, but her sweet and beautiful spirit were a reminder of the dignity we all deserve to give each other and ourselves. Thank you for your tribute to her.

  15. I would like to thank all of you for your kind words. Yes my mother was a special soul she always left a lasting impression on everyone she met.

  16. I knew her as pure devotion. Such radiance from the depth of her being. I smile inside as I imagine what is next for this beautiful soul. With great fondness, Nancy C

  17. I remember meeting Jasu at the Temple Consecration, volunteering in many areas, my favorite was the flower tent. Her beautiful soul imparts a lasting impression one never will forget. My condolences to her family. Her presence will be missed at Mount Soma, but her blessed spirit will be everlasting.

  18. What a truly beautiful woman Jasu must have been. My condolences to the whole family and especially to my friends Rashmika and Sharish.