Free Your Mind

The mind is a product of conditioning. As Maharishi Patanjali said, karma plus prana equals mind. How one’s mind is programmed to function is the product of one’s karma. Freedom from programming can be called the state of ‘no mind.’ The awareness then operates from a level free of conditioning. Though one in that state may not appear to be so different from others, in actuality they are profoundly different. In aspiring to that state, some strive to modify how they appear on the surface to prove they are making progress, but that is incorrect thinking.

When the mind is free, one could say it ceases to exist. Or one could say that their mind has been freed from karma and now is a ‘cosmic mind.’ Provided the underlying principle is understood, the rest is a matter of semantics or definition of the term ‘mind.’ However you define it, the reality is that one now can see beyond the limitations of programming or indoctrination.

Two Boxes or Three?This simple two-boxes-or-three diagram illustrates how the same thing can be seen in different ways. Is the structure a diagram of two boxes or three? It can be viewed either way, as the highlighting illustrates. Similarly, the structure of our world can be viewed not just in two different, but in an unlimited number of ways. Through conditioning however, we are programmed to see things according to the paradigm of our identities. This limits one’s awareness, and limits the possibilities available to life.

Freedom is an internal state of awareness. When the mind is limited, we are not free. We then feel constrained and may strive to break loose by escaping or changing our worldly circumstances. We look for freedom where it does not exist. The constraint of mind then follows us wherever we go until the time comes when the mind is freed from within.

When the mind is free, life is a field of infinite possibilities. That is why it is called spiritual liberation… emancipation. It is an internal state of being, not an external set of circumstances. Some call it enlightenment. It is the state of true freedom.

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  1. Aaah. Beautiful!

  2. This is such a clear explanation. It makes sense to me. And it makes me smile because I know people who misunderstand the term no mind and think it means no thoughts. It is so easy for real knowledge to be lost. Thank you for taking the time to express this.

  3. feeling this freedom within more is my destination

  4. So clear and concise- a deep thank you for all you do.

  5. So concise- a deep thank you for modern day clarity.

  6. Is the structure a diagram of two boxes or three? Is the structure a diagram of two dimensions or three? Is it the structure of our world? In three dimensions there are boxes or cubes. In two dimensions it’s a hexagonal matrix. You see this everywhere you look. The beehive honeycomb. Snowflakes. The rods in the retina. DNA. Gold. Carbon. The CRS logo. Etc, etc. The north pole of saturn is a hexagon. Interesting to note, it’s period of rotation matches it’s radio emissions. None of this is coincidence.

    “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
    -Nikola Tesla

    Remember Plato’s allegory of the cave. What we see is a projection. We project onto. It’s holographic. “We look for freedom where it does not exist.” We have a blind spot in our vision. We cannot see through the optic disc. The path to the mind is the optic nerve. What we see with our eyes is an illusion. It’s all allusion. It’s all allegory. All in plain sight. The movie “The Matrix” is so unbelievably accurate, it’s astounding it was ever allowed to be made. I would say “follow the white rabbit”, but it seems more accurate to say “follow Jack up the beanstalk.”

    Jack the Giant Slayer

  7. What a great explanation and the diagram is a great depiction.