Gambling, Spirituality, and the 8th House

Our universe is composed of perspectives. It’s our connection with the universal, underlying Transcendent that gives us the awareness to align with the perspective that is most evolutionary and best serves the moment.

The 8th house in the Jyotish astrology chart deals with occult knowledge which would include the domain of witchcraft, left-handed Tantra, etc. Such practices are not rooted in the infinite wisdom of wakefulness to the Absolute. As a result, the diverse orientations to other-worldish perspectives have no basis to guide the practitioner to function in harmony with Natural Law. Whatever perspective the individual practitioner aligns with is basically a roll of the dice. For that reason, those oriented towards 8th house view knowledge of spirituality as a roll of the dice. Life, then, becomes a roll of the dice. From that mindset, one’s access to spirituality is gambling.

This is illustrated in the Mahabharata when the conflict between the Pandavas and the Kauravas began with gambling. Judgment of one another was then determined by a roll of the dice, which in turn, led to the dynamic of life, represented in the Mahabharata. It’s fascinating to reflect upon the idea that for those not grounded in Transcendental awareness, spirituality is aspired to and related to through gambling.

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  1. Wow! This was a fascinating blog. It makes me grateful that I have Jupiter in the 8th house.

  2. Thank you. Your blogs so often answer questions i am currently pondering. I have been watching some people who cross my path, who are using or attracted to occult and left handed tantra and wondering about this very thing. What you say here makes perfect sense and resonates with what i have been sensing about them. It also reinforces my proclivity to stear clear.
    with gratitude on thanksgiving day!

  3. Very interesting.

    Is it perspectives or realities though?

  4. Thank you! So interesting. I want to know more about jyotish and life!

  5. Regarding the last sentence in this blog, do note that the association of gambling with spirituality is not a conscious association. It is only that such individuals unconsciously attempt to satisfy their spirituality through gambling.

    Also, of course, the 8th has to do with much more than just the one facet of occult knowledge and gambling.

  6. Marion,
    All realities have a perspective. But not all perspectives have a corresponding reality. HOWEVER, both make up this universe. Just think of your life. just because a perspective is not a reality, it still impacts the universe… often profoundly.
    Rishi, Devata, Chhandas. The process of knowing, perception vs. projection. What we consider to be our perception is actually projection. Think Heisenberg and the probability cloud… In fact I recently wrote an article about this that should come out soon.