Ganesh Pradakshina

Starting today July 7, 2014, we have four pandits doing pradakshina [going from one temple to the next] to the eight sacred Ashtavinayaka Ganesh temples in India.  They will be doing pujas and havans at each temple.  It will be a lovely wave of harmony and prosperity for the world.  You can read about the temples HERE:


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  1. Beautiful. I have a very young friend that has been diagnosed with terminal cancer for the second time. She carries her Ganesh Statue with her for every cancer treatment. She meditates, health, exercise, nutrition, she is a champion for fighting cancer. You would not believe how good she looks with all she has gone thru. She glows, she is very thin, but her spirit glows. When I saw her Ganesh, My spirit glowed for her! She is not giving up no matter what the doctors say. She has a great support system in her family and friend. Again WOW! is all I can say. Amber, at her young age, is an inspiration!