Hanuman Has Arrived!

The five-day Hanuman Installation ceremony ended in magnificent form!

I leave it to all those who were in attendance to post their experiences in the ‘comments’.

To see the pictures CLICK HERE … Enjoy!


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  1. Congratulations!!! It was an amazing time… it had been way too long since my last visit to Mount Soma.
    It was great to see you and the entire Mount Soma family. <3 The pundits, ashram and volunteers put on an exceptional demonstration of the technology of the Veda.
    The meditations were very rich and powerful… The mountain as a whole, even with all the attendees, radiated a stillness very refined…a high vibration for sure. Hanuman looked magnificent and will bring people from near and far, the spiritual Disneyland is happening… I learn something new each time I come to visit… Thank you, thank you, thank you…

    Jai Shri Hanuman
    Jai Guru Dev

  2. So blessed to be there, if only for a part of this amazing event. Thank you to all of you for your hard work and dedication to make this happen. Jai Hanuman, Jai Guru Dev!!

  3. Congratulations!!! I wish I was there.

  4. Hari Om

  5. Beautiful. I wish I could’ve been there! (I saw snakes every day, my first rattlesnake…I thought that was fortuitous?).


  6. What an incredible experience. How can such an experience be put into words? I feel very blessed and humbled to have been a part of it, and to be a part of what Maharshi is creating at Mound Soma. It was awesome to hear the 5 Pandits chanting together and to sit in with them all. A sublime feeling a eternity permeated Mount Soma. The feeling was strongest at the Yagya Shala, but certainly palpable at the Visitor Center.

    I can’t find the right to describe the Hanuman Murthi. Massive, powerful, immense, awe-inspiring, exceptional, they all seem to fall short. All I know is that there is something different about this Murthi. It is unlike anything I have seen before or even imagined possible. I think many people will travel great distances for glimpse of Hanuman.

    I was also deeply touched watching all of the volunteers come together and make this event happen. Everyone was so happy to pitch in, work hard, and help bring Hanuman forth. I can’t ever recall seeing people work with such passion and enthusiasm. Truly a joy to behold.

    Jai Hanuman!
    Jai Guru Dev!

  7. This event proved to me that the vision which Maharshiji has been dedicated to for so long is unfolding beautifully–the integration of cultures. I felt such closeness with our friends and supporters from the nearby communities as we all worked closely together– sometimes in silence, sometimes in laughter as our shared vision came to fruition in the culmination of this five day celebration. I really sensed and experienced each day the deep caring of each other’s welfare. Really, really remarkable. Makes my heart sing.

  8. As Dave said, it is hard to find words that describe the Hanuman statue. During the 5 days of ceremonies he turned from a piece of granite into the most powerful presence I have ever witnessed. I feel privileged to have been part of the transformation. What a great time to be at Mount Soma.

  9. Good for you all!! Marty did you saw snakes there evryday??

  10. I asked our Panditji if the other Pandits were impressed with Hanuman and our temple. He said that a number of the Pandits likened the feeling to bolts of lightning coming from the heavens to energize Hanuman during the Abhishekam (pouring milk on the deity to cleanse it). They all remarked how powerful Hanuman is. One Pandit said he has participated in 79 deity installations and our Hanuman is by far the most powerful of any he has helped install. He also commented that our temple is extraordinary in its power. He attributes that to Panditji’s impeccable maintenance according to Vedic guidelines and also the Sthapatis and shilpis. The temple design is precise in its vastu and so the temple holds the vibration. The shilpis’ work carrying out the design is also meticulous and exact.

    Panditji said that all of the Pandits enjoyed being at Mount Soma for this very auspicious and momentous event.

  11. The Pandits comments Barbara describes are beautiful. Thanks to everyone who heard the call to bring forth Vedic Knowledge in its purity. As we know, the technology is a precise science and must be upheld with care. Aspects that may be ignored as ‘old fashion’ or unnecessary are in fact eternal and make all the difference. The pandits words stand a proof of this. The dedication of so many now bears the fruit of Vedic Knowledge.

    As Mount Soma continues to be a place of harmony between diverse cultures as Denise says. It is also a place that upholds the integrity of each culture as the fine fabric of every culture is refined and brought forth in its purity. Every culture is a mandala with a high and low end. As the integrity of each is brought forth, the inherent harmony with natural law and all other cultures natually emerges.

  12. Truly incredible! I was impressed by the support of nature. Initial purification ceremony at the Yagya Shala? How about a thunderous downpour during the ceremony, which let up in time to make the trek to the statue for purification. And then our wonderful cow doing her “business”, as if on cue, to provide “products” for the statue purification on day 3. And then another rain as the first Hanuman Yantra purification ceremony began. And, finally, on the last day, Hanuman being raised and lifted into place to a beautiful sunrise that began the most beautiful day at Mount Soma so far this year.

    Every day I thought to myself, “OMG, I live here…”

    Jai Hanuman!

  13. Sivakumarji, the sthapati (head builder/carver) in charge of the creation of the Hanuman Statue in India told me the following about the creation of our Hanuman: When the first statue of Hanuman cracked, they were “filled with emotion”. So before they started to build a new one for us, they went to a sacred Hanuman site in India, performed puja and brought holy water back. They performed puja on the new stone and blessed it with the sacred holy water, before they began to carve. That was the very auspicious and unique beginning of our Hanumanji.

    For the eye-opening, Sivakumar used a special hand forged chisel that he brought from India. At the completion of the eye-opening ceremony, at the very last stroke, the tip broke off the chisel, rendering it impossible to ever be used again. That chisel remains in our hands at Mount Soma.

    The pandits spoke to me of the extraordinary quality of the statue and remarked that already the eyes and face were filled with powerful vibration. They also spoke of their great devotion to Mount Soma.

  14. Reading Barbara’s comment above, I wholeheartedly agree with the pundit’s feelings and comments. Many of the photos remarkedly capture the power during Hanuman’s installation. If one picture is worth a thousand words……

    We have present a living embodiment of the Veda, our Brahmarshi, the core generator for everything leading up to this historic event. He is our Sun that shines and blesses us with thought, word, glance. This event solidified for me beyond a doubt the importance of having a Guru to guide your dharma.

    That we also have been blessed with Pundit Prasad and Lakshmi, the ashram group, the volunteers, even our residents, many who left established lives, jobs, families.

    ….if you were not here to see the devotion of even our far away community bringing banquets of food….with absolute joy. Total strangers came into the tent and wanted to help me make small flower clusters for the donor havan. People I had no idea who they were jumping into any task to help make this real. Children from all over playing together having the time of their lives….

    One man came to the cash register and asked if we had a photo of Brahmarshi….we took one out and laid it on the counter….I thought it was just going to be a purchase and started to get a bag ready. He began to bow, and chant and prostrate himself in front of it. I still get chills and start to cry relaying this….because the Bhakti was so powerful. My daughter was next to me and hugged me, I just began to sob.

    Everything around Hanuman was so super charged…and the chanting , the pujas, the havans, was for me like being in heaven. But the one moment that truly encapsulated the five days and everything leading up to it was the unknown man who bowed before Brahmarshi’s picture. He touched his heart and he said….He made everything clear for me, and touched his head. It was this simple man who gave me the realization of how blessed I was.

    Without Brahmarshi, I don’t know where I would be, or how our world right now would be, if it even would be. I cannot wait for the next adventure…and I am eternally grateful the Universe stripped me of everything (but for Gaia) so I could be here and serve Him.

    For the grace of the Guru, Jai Guru Dev.

  15. I agree with all the comments so far. It has been incredible to watch Sri Hanuman come to life in the Murthi. I am still fascinated by his power as I stand below and look up at him. It is unmistakably a being – not just a statue.

    It feels like he is smiling down on all of Mt. Soma. The feeling of Mt. Soma also seems to have evolved yet again.

    Working with the Pandits always warms my heart, but it was especially sweet this time. It feels already like they are family and their comments about Mt. Soma were especially respectful and complimentary. One of them even told me he plans to bring his family here monthly and that this place is ‘magical’ and coming here has ‘changed his life’.

    Jai Guru Dev

  16. All of these comments hold so much truth in them for me as well and most definitely describe my own experience so clearly. This morning I attempted to articulate my week to one of my employees. Although I believe I did a fairily good job..I told her the results of such an experience will come gradually..in the moment..in a conversation..in a situation or maybe during meditation and when I least expect it. Clients have and will ask me how my vacation was or am I good and rested now?..no not so much:) What I will tell them..I gained an even deeper sence of clarity in my soul. As far as I am concerned…it does not get any better than that.
    Thank you Brahmarshi..it is only possible with you.

  17. All of the comments reflect my experience. When Hanuman was set in place, I immediately felt the change and the strength. It felt like Hanamum now had Nandi’s back — solidly — along with the rest of ours. The feeling kept getting stronger as the day events progressed.

    Thank you Bramarashi for what you h ave brought to all of us through your integrity and knowlege.

    Thanks to all the “helpers” in all forms.

  18. The event was amazing. Words seem so small after those 5 days packed with power and beauty. Everything is still re-settling. I am curious to see where we will find our selves once the “smoke clears”. Another major transformative event already this year (after Deep Dive in Jan/Feb.), and it is only June! It is exciting to see and feel the progress… we cannot go back. As you say, “Forward, forward, always forward.”

  19. Profound and powerful. I’ll continue to assimilate this experience for a long time on many different levels. I felt a deep internal strengthening and awareness of samskaras/conditioning in a way I had not experienced before. Hanuman, slayer of demons. That’s what it felt like. A powerful warrior ally in the fight against the demons that dwell within.
    I had sweet encounters with some of the visitors. One man gave me a pair of shoes when he saw me gingerly making my way barefoot back to the student union to retrieve my own. It was such a sincere and unexpected gesture. Then one couple was thanking us profusely for the work to put the event together. I felt rather embarrassed and humbled when they directed this to me because I do little more than show up and help out where I can. What touched me was their excitement and deep appreciation for what’s happening at Mt Soma.
    The weaving together of our cultures at Mt Soma is profound, our common humanity and yet our unique perspectives and cultures. It’s beautiful and beautifully expressed in the slide show.
    Thanks to all at Mt Soma and especially to Brahmarshi, the catalyst to bring this all about. The power of Mt Soma continues to grow.
    Jai Guru Dev

  20. There were many moments that are beyond description. The chanting and the ceremonies were sublime. In one particular moment when the Pundits stood chanting in unison (it was on Sunday, I believe), I definitely felt those sounds transported me to a place BEFORE time began…. I stood there in complete awe and transfixed and somehow I knew I had been there before..

    I am 74 thus I definitely have more time behind me than before me, however that really doesn’t bother me. I am overwhelmed with joy and I feel like one great big inner smile having given myself the opportunity to participate and witness this monumental event. I can definitely feel Hanuman’s presence still even though I am 2000 miles away. I have much to learn from him. In particular, how Hanuman enobles whatever he does by how he does it. I love his greatness, his presence, his humility, his humor and most of all his sweetness. So very sweet, he is.

    Thank you Bramarishi for hanging in there with me and your patience all these 16 years. You have “handled” my fears, hurt, etc. artfully. One over the top crashing on my tender heart/soul might have sent me packing. As you told me once, when I told you I always had a “longing” for what I wasn’t sure. You said: “Yvonne, that longing you experience IS the Divine”. Thank you for the respect you have of where I am, where I came from and thank you most of all for not feeding into my chit but trusting I can evolve beyond it. I love you eternally.

  21. A reality changing event.

  22. Question: What does this divine being represent? Who is Hanuman….?

  23. It is easy enough to google Hanuman to get an idea of what He represents. So I will not repeat that information here. BUT, your question has inspired me to write a blog “The Gods: Who and What they are… An Explanation to Satisfy the Modern Rational Mind”. I hope you enjoy it. May be a little while before it gets posted… or I may be able to get to it soon… We will see.